Hello, Beauties!

Hello, Beauties!

I’m so excited to get my blog up and running! I’ve been wanting to start a beauty/makeup blog for so long; as well as a place to not only give you the latest news from the beauty and makeup industry, but a place where we ALL can empower each other to be our most beautiful selves. Join me on my journey to create and inspire people to be their best, most beautiful, healthy, happy selves. I’ll be reviewing makeup products and giving tutorials, featuring the latest products and my personal go to’s in the makeup world. And because the beauty industry is ALWAYS changing, I’ll keep you informed on the latest trends and tools, to game changing products and items that can make being beautiful that much easier. Staying up to date on the latest beauty technology, that is ALWAYS advancing, and personal tips and tricks that I’ve learned from YEARS of experience in the beauty industry, and from some of the most successful people in the makeup/beauty/fashion world. Makeup and beauty products and tools will not only be featured, but things like vitamins, health/exercise programs, foods, antioxidants, beauty regimens, and ANYTHING that helps make not only myself, but people around me, their most beautiful, healthy selves!




Welcome to Fresh Lemons, Gorgeous!


Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!




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