Dealing With Adult Acne & Finally Finding “The Cure”:

Hello, Beauties!

Soooooo I’ve been dealing with acne for the past five years. I’m twenty eight years old. TWENTY EIGHT YEARS OLD, AND I AM DEALING WITH ACNE.

Common things I hear EVERY woman say about acne:

“Isn’t acne just a ‘teenager’ thing?”

“I thought acne was something that only adolescents dealt with…”

“I didn’t get acne as a teenager, so why am I getting it now?”

These are ALL questions and concerns that have, literally, BAFFLED me. And it seemed to keep getting worse. Was it my makeup? Is it stress? Is it my birth control? WTF IS HAPPENING! I’ve spent COUNTLESS HOURS and HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS, trying to “cure” my acne problem, but NOTHING seemed to work.

NOT “Proactiv”.

NOT “Clean N’ Clear Advantage”.

NOT “AcneFree”.

NOT “Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Cream Cleanser”.

NOT “Differen”, (which actually made my acne WORSE).


And the worst part is the painful, underground, cystic acne, which seemed to appear regularly on my face. My self esteem was at an all time low, because of it.

I love doing photoshoots and modeling lingerie, etc. for lots of local photographers, etc. But my last photoshoot I attempted to do, (not my Bridals, THANK GOODNESS) but one where a friend was using me to add stuff to her portfolio, was a COMPLETE DISASTER. She loved the pictures, but I couldn’t even get through all of them, as I was scrolling through them on the camera. My skin looked HORRIBLE. I seriously felt hopeless. I swore of photoshoots after that, which is one of my passions. I was DONE. I couldn’t bare the fact that my skin looked so bad, and I didn’t want ANYONE to EVER see those photos, or take ANY photos of me, for that matter. Even my selfies looked like complete, and utter, GARBAGE. In ANY lighting. I remember crying a lot, and I even stopped leaving the house, because I was embarrassed of my skin.

In Junior High and High School, my skin was PERFECT. I got a tiny blemish every now and again, but nothing that made me feel insecure. So why now, am I dealing with SEVERE ACNE?? The only answer I could come up with is that I had stopped going tanning, and that the pollution in the air is SO BAD in Salt Lake City (and pretty much any city), that the free radicals and dirt from the air were clogging up my pores. First of all, when I stopped going tanning, my acne DID get bad. And it only got worse. But I wasn’t going to start going tanning again, because I’d honestly rather have acne, than wrinkles and skin cancer. Tanning clears up acne because of the “rays” that are actually drying out your skin. That’s why when you go tanning, it’s super important to wear tanning lotion, etc. That’s also the reason that your skin ages so quickly if you continue to tan. Now, as an ex-employee of the tanning industry, I’ve seen some SCARY things. I’ve seen a 45 year old woman, who LITERALLY looked 85. I even checked her ID once to verify her credit card purchase, and I also thought she was lying about her age. But, to my surprise, she WAS 45. That was the first time I actually saw firsthand, and FINALLY UNDERSTOOD what my skin would look like if I continued to tan. I’ve seen women who are avid tanners, and over the past few years, look like they have aged a DECADE, in 2 years. Moral of the story; STOP TANNING. Even if you’re trying to clear up acne, because THERE IS A SOLUTION. That’s what I’m getting to, so I’ll stop rambling.

I was scrolling through Instagram one day, and an ad popped up for a company called, “Curology”. Desperate for change, the ad caught my attention, and I scrolled through their Instagram page, and read countless praises, and looked at a ton of “Before & After” pictures. So I went to their website,, and was introduced to the innovative and game changing product, that has FINALLY cleared up my skin.




  • What is “Curology”??

Curology is a customized serum, that caters to you, and your skin concerns.  Doctors and Dermatologists have worked together to create this company, and this LIFE CHANGING product, and BEST OF ALL, there’s no need to go to a dermatologist’s office, or schedule and doctor’s appointment. So it’s perfect for girls on the go. Once you visit their website, you take a quiz that takes about 10 minutes, where you answer questions and express ALL of your skin concerns; Acne, Anti-Aging, etc. Then you upload a picture of your CLEAN and MAKEUP-LESS face (I know that sounds scary) but the ONLY person who see’s it, is your personal, online dermatologist. Once your dermatologist goes through your information, skin concerns, pictures of affected area’s on your face, etc. they then, CREATE a personal prescription for you. And best of all? They ship it right to your door! There’s no need to pick it up from the pharmacy, unless you are prescribed an actual pill form, antibiotic, which your online dermatologist can actually prescribe you (they will send it to your local pharmacy).

  • How does ”Curology” work??

The dermatologists at Curology, have taken 6 main ingredients that are PROVEN to fight and diminish acne. These 6 ingredients are also prescription only, so you can’t buy any of this stuff OTC, and these ingredients are NOT in common drug store anti-acne products. They are ALL prescription strength, and they all are PROVEN as anti-acne antagonists. Your dermatologist takes 3 out of 6 ingredients, and uses the 3 best ingredients for your skin type, skin concerns, and the severity of your acne, etc. The best part, is that when combined with sunscreen of course, the formulation (depending on your skin concerns) is also an anti-aging serum, as well! *HOORAY* And I’ll tell you right now, that most anti-aging products can actually CAUSE acne. And a lot of anti-acne products, can dry out your skin and CAUSE your skin to age quicker! So the fact that these dermatologists have created a product that takes care of BOTH skin concerns is a HUGE accomplishment.


curology review


I’ll tell you right now, in the first TWO DAYS of using this personalized treatment serum, I did not have (and still don’t have) ANY new zits, blemishes, or blackheads. My existing acne, blemishes, and blackheads were HEALING and CLEARING UP (Finally!). My dark spots and scars lightened and started to disappear. My skin tone looked (and keeps looking) more even. The appearance of my skin is SO MUCH better, and my skin actually FEELS so much better! And it only keeps getting and looking BETTER! I’ve only been on it for a little over two weeks! I can’t express how grateful I am for the dermatologists and doctors that have created this product! My self esteem is back and I actually feel comfortable in my own skin! I need to share this with all of you, because I’ve finally found a product that fights my stubborn acne. It’s seriously been LIFE CHANGING. No more money on useless (and skin damaging) products that fill up my shower, vanity, and medicine cabinets. No more anxiety and depression over my acne-prone skin. And the best part is, Curology is only $19.95 per month (a small price to pay for clear skin and gaining your self confidence back).

The active ingredients in my personal prescription of Curology:

Azelaic Acid: 4%

Fights dark spots, (AKA age spots & acne scarring) unclogs pores, and acts as an anti-fungal, and antibacterial property.

Clindamycin: 1%

A POWERFUL antibiotic against acne with anti-inflammatory properties.

Niacinamide: 4%

An antioxidant with Vitamin B3, which is greatly effective against hyperpigmentation, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and fights acne. Antioxidants also fight aging.

Curology is available only through because it’s prescription grade, and you need to be in contact with a dermatologist, so your dermatologist can create a specific plan for you and your skin. You also get a risk free, 90 day trial, which is AWESOME!

So, if you’re struggling with adult acne (or adolescent acne), seriously, DO NOT WASTE ANOTHER SECOND on worrying about blemishes, cystic acne, or how NOTHING you’ve tried is working. I found the answer, and I’m so grateful that I finally found, “the cure”.


Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!



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