Review: Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette

Hello, Beauties!

So today I am reviewing one of my new, favorite, LIFE CHANGING, palettes; The Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette. There have been so many awesome palettes coming out, from companies like, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, Tarte, Urban Decay, Smashbox, and even M.A.C has jumped on the palette train, with their recently released line of eyeshadow palettes, that include “Power Hungry”, and “Basic Bitch”. But my favorite palette out of ALL of those awesome companies, is from Lorac, believe it or not. The Lorac “Unzipped Gold” palette is literally, like striking gold in the eyeshadow palette world. So, what makes this palette so awesome?  One word; PIGMENT.


lorac gold
Lorac Unzipped Gold $42.00 on


Lorac has moved with ease into my top three favorite makeup lines in the industry. From their Porefection Line, to their Tantalize Highligher & Bronzer, I’ve continually been impressed with each product Lorac debut’s. Lorac’s new “Unzipped Gold” palette, is no different. If fact it’s more than AMAZING.  Not only does it have gorgeous colors, but the pigment in each shadow, is INSANELY HIGH. The color is easy to pick up on ANY makeup brush, be it a packing brush, blending brush, or basic shadow brush. And the best part? Lorac’s formula is so HIGHLY pigmented, that a little goes a LONG WAY. Which is nice because I feel like a lot of palettes lately, are quick to run out of product, which is a HUGE bummer considering most palettes from worthy makeup companies, go for $40.00 +. So it’s nice to know that this palette not only lasts long, but the product stays put on your eyelids, ALL DAY. Also, I know that a lot of  highly pigmented shadows tend to stain or drop down on to your face throughout the day, because of the intense color,  but this eyeshadow is super blendable, and all of the colors are very natural and easy to blend out on to your setting powder, highlighter, or foundation, whether it’s liquid or powder. When blending it out, it creates an ombre-like glow to your face (the lighter golds). It also clings surprisingly well on your makeup brush, without dropping and spilling on to your cheeks or under your eyes (but make sure to ALWAYS blow on your shadow brush to prevent ANY extra spillage, just in case). And when darker shadow colors spill under your eyes, no one is happy; ESPECIALLY if your foundation, setting powder, contour, blush, and highlight is already perfected. The good news is, is that if it does fall on your face, a correcting or blending brush is quick to fix the problem, because it picks up so well on makeup brushes. Also, the consistency is like a super soft sponge cake, so that can give you a visual on how well it clings to brushes, and and how easy it is to brush off if any shadow falls on to your face, despite the high pigmentation. Seriously, this is something that is RARE in the eyeshadow/palette world.

Lorac Unzipped Gold can be great for a natural day time look, or perfect for a more dramatic night time look. And it transitions from a natural look into a dramatic look, like a dream, blending with ease, and layering to perfection. The natural shades like, “Unleashed”, “Unlimited”, and “Unpredictable”, can be softened out (because of the high pigmentation) by applying just a bit to your shadow brush and blending it out. Or it can be layered for a dramatically beautiful gold based look, that makes brown eyes, green eyes, or hazel eyes look their brightest. “Unafraid” and “Unedited”, are both great for a beautiful smokey eye, which is great for the more dramatic makeup artist. And blended with “Unleashed”, it’s a fail safe way to a beautiful, stress free smokey look.  “Undressed” is perfect for highlighting your brow bone. I originally tried to use “Unlocked” (a soft shimmery lemon hue) as a brow highlight, but because the pigmentation is so high, and the shimmer in this shade can be a bit dramatic, I wouldn’t recommend it as a highlighter, unless you’re super careful and use just a tiny bit, then blend it out super well. Because believe me, these colors go on exactly how you see them in the palette, which is GOOD, because a lot of palettes today, lack that kind of pigmentation.

I give Lorac’s Unzipped Gold Palette 4.5/5 stars, with the only downside being that there is only one appropriate brow bone highlighter; but since the pigmentation in not only the brow bone highlighter, but EVERY shade, is so high, it will last a REALLY long time. Other makeup brands, please take note; pigment is EVERYTHING. And there’s nothing worse than buying a $50.00 + palette, and literally digging out the product because the pigmentation is so low, (ahem, Urban Decay’s NAKED palettes are a good example). Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE Urban Decay’s NAKED palettes because the colors are SO gorgeous, but let’s be real…. Urban Decay could do a bit better in the pigment arena. But we will save that for another review!

Lorac Unzipped Gold $42.00

I HIGHLY recommend this amazing palette! From sleek & chic beauty buffs who like the soft and natural look, the edgier makeup junkies who like the more dramatic look, OR those who prefer BOTH!

Find Lorac’s Unzipped Gold palettes at:

Ulta ( $42.00

Sephora ( $42.50

Lorac’s Website ( $42.00


Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!


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