Full Coverage Foundation: Oily to Combination Skin Edition

Hello, Beauties!

So today’s topic is all about the BEST full coverage foundations for beauties with acne prone, oily, or combination skin types. I’m going to talk about my personal picks of foundations, powders, and concealers, that won’t make you break out, covers redness and imperfections, and even have some anti-aging benefits too. These are my personal testimonies to these amazing foundations, that leave you with GORGEOUS looking skin, without the breakouts, blemishes, or oily t-zones that creep up on you throughout the day.

When I think of full coverage, my mind tends to wander directly to the phrase, “caked”. But with today’s technology and the makeup industry’s repeated effort into looking “natural”, you can actually find some great full coverage foundations, that still look natural and cover imperfections, while catering to acne prone, oily, or sensitive skin.

In one of my last posts, I talked about my “adult acne” and the constant struggle with never-ending blemishes and facial imperfections that I’ve been dealing with. And when I deal with breakouts (not much anymore thanks to, Curology), I don’t want to go ANYWHERE. I literally would hide out until my skin cleared up. But that’s NO WAY to live. Seriously. I can attest to that. The one positive thing that came out of dealing with adult acne, is that I’ve gotten to try (and love) some of the industry’s BEST full coverage foundations, that actually don’t make acne worse, and even have some anti-aging benefits in them, as well. Here are my top picks;

Lorac Porefection Concealer: 

$24    www.loraccosmetics.com

lorac conceal

My first pick is, Lorac’s Porefection Concealer. Don’t get this mixed up with Lorac’s Porefection Foundation ($36 http://www.loraccosmetics.com) and though the foundation is good too, (it just doesn’t provide the coverage that the concealer provides). You can use the concealer just to conceal imperfections, mix it with your regular foundation, OR you can use this AS a foundation (like I do, myself). A little goes a long way, so the concealer that’s in the tube lasts just as long as a foundation will. Which is nice, because it’s $24, (a $10 to $20 price drop from today’s regular, high end, foundation prices). With just a dime-sized amount (or less) you can cover your whole face, (with a full coverage finish), from this concealer. It also is fragrance free, paraben-free, AND oil free, so it’s great for acne prone skin, or people that struggle with oily skin, or have combination skin. People with dry skin probably want something a little more moisturizing, although when I struggled with dry skin this past Winter, it still gave me that same great coverage, and I just had to prime my skin to moisturize it, with a primer that hydrates your skin before foundation or concealer application (like Lorac Cosmetics Porefection Mattifying Primer, $34 http://www.loraccosmetics.com). And since this primer hydrates, and then dries to a matte finish, you won’t have to worry about oil creeping up on your t-zone throughout the day. If you absolutely, DO NOT struggle with oil, and you struggle with dry skin and occasional acne, then you need a primer that deeply moisturizes without the mattyifying finish. Try E.L.F Cosmetics Hydration Primer ($6 http://www.target.com).


This concealer is packed with anti-aging benefits and antioxidants, like Vitamin E, C, and A, and has Olive Leaf, Papaya, and Lemon Fruit Extracts (but is fragrance free) to brighten your skin, especially under your eyes (which skin under our eyes is VERY sensitive, so we need to protect and moisturize it at all costs). So not only are you getting a beautiful, smooth, poreless, perfected finish, you are also treating your skin with anti-aging benefits. The concealer is also housed in a squeeze tube bottle, so sun exposure and air exposure, will not taint the anti-aging ingredients, and bacteria won’t get into the concealer tube, and ruin the antioxidants.

Lorac Porefection Powder Foundation:

lorac powder

Lorac’s Porefection Powder, is the perfect addition to your Lorac Porefection Concealer (or foundation, depending on the type of coverage you’re looking for) to set and finish your skin. If you want an even, smooth, full coverage, finished look, I suggest pairing this concealer, (or foundation) with Lorac’s Porefection Powder, which is THE BEST powder foundation I’ve ever used. *Scout’s Honor*  In fact this powder will work with ANY foundation; light to full coverage, and oil-free to moisturizing. It’s fragrance free, paraben free, and it’s baked to perfection on a terra cotta tile, which I’ve found over the years, that any baked powder, bronzer, etc. gives a smoother, more full coverage, perfected finish, than any powder or bronzer in a “metal pan-like” container. It’s also nice because once this powder foundation is almost gone, it won’t crack or crumble, unlike powders contained in “metal pan-like” compacts (and we ALL know how frustrating that can be, because you lose a lot of product). Since it’s baked on, you can use it until it’s ALL GONE, and not have to worry about any wasted product.

This powder foundation can be used alone, for a medium coverage look, or paired with Lorac’s Porefection Foundation or Concealer, for full coverage, and a smooth, poreless, GORGEOUS finish. BUT, like I said, you can use this with literally, ANY foundation, and it will give your foundation a perfect, poreless, smooth finish. IT’S THAT AMAZING. Also, all 4 products from Lorac’s Porefection Line, are packed with antioxidants and anti-aging benefits. The powder foundation is infused with anti-aging antioxidants and salicylic acid, which is not only great for anti-aging, but for acne prone skin. It’s like a treatment for acne, in your powder, which is RARE. And since it’s fragrance free, it’s great for sensitive skin. The only downside to the antioxidants and salicylic acid being inside of the powder, is that sun and air exposure will make the treatments in the powder, lose it’s effectiveness, every time you open the compact. So make sure you stick to your regular acne treatments, and don’t use this powder as a treatment replacement. BUT the effectiveness of the powder, and the perfect finish it leaves your skin with, definitely outshines losing those benefits to sun and air exposure, and outdoes ANY powder foundation I’ve EVER tried.

Click the picture below, to purchase Lorac’s “Porefection Concealer”:

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation:

($35 http://www.sephora.com)

kat liquid

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation is one of the best full coverage foundations out there. It comes in an array of shades for light to dark skin, and it claims to have 24 Hour Wear, which is more like 12 hours, but it’s not good to keep your makeup on for that long anyways. The shades they offer, which is over 30, are ranked from 44 to 81, and are marked Light, Medium, or Dark, and each shade is either warm, cool, or neutral, so you can find that perfect shade. MAKE SURE YOU DO A SHADE MATCH IN STORE. There is a HUGE difference from Light 44 Warm, to Light 49 Neutral. I once bought Light 49 Neutral, thinking, “ It’s only 5 numbers higher than 44…. How big of a difference can it be?” … Well, it’s a HUGE difference, unfortunately. And since Light 49 has an apricot undertone, the foundation looks completely ORANGE on me, and if I use a foundation mixer, to lighten it up, it loses that amazing consistency that Kat Von D offers in her Lock It Foundation. So…. moral of the story; GO TO SEPHORA AND GET A SHADE MATCH. Especially because this formula is 21% pigment.

Kat Von D’s Lock It Foundation is paraben free, and sulfate free. It sets as a matte finish, which doesn’t feel or look “sticky” even though it provides such amazing coverage. I definitely suggest using a setting powder to set it, because if you don’t, that “24 Hour Wear” claim, will lose even more time. Lorac’s Porefection Powder works great with this foundation, or Kat Von D offers her own line of setting powders, which I haven’t been able to try yet, but look forward to. The foundation works better if you “warm it up” first, and once you put it on your foundation brush, beauty blender, or silicone applicator, be aware that it sets, EXTREMELY FAST. So you want to apply it to your entire face, within about 5 to 6 minutes, because once it sets, it’s hard to work with again, due to it’s long-wearing properties. But if you can apply foundation quickly, you won’t have any problems. Just stay aware of the time that it takes you, to normally apply a full face of foundation. Also, since this foundation sets to a matte finish, it’s great for acne prone or oily skin. It’s never made me break out, and it’s never made my acne worse. Which makes it one of my top picks for full coverage foundation for acne prone, oily, or combination skin.

Kat Von D Lock It Powder Foundation:

$35 http://www.sephora.com

kat powder

Kat Von D’s Lock It Powder Foundation is great to finish off your Kat Von D’s Lock It Foundation. OR it’s great to wear alone, or over a primer, to get a medium to full coverage look with JUST a powder, alone. It goes on smooth, blends well, and will cover redness and even out your skin tone. Using a powder brush, you will get a medium coverage look. And with a beauty blender, you will get a more full coverage look. It also works well with any foundation, including concealers and lighter coverage foundations, incase you want to conceal imperfections, and not your entire face. It’s not a baked powder, like Lorac Porefection Powder, but it’s still a great option for a foundation powder.

This powder is mineral oil, fragrance, and paraben free, so it’s a great option for beauties with sensitive skin. And it’s budge proof, cake proof, and buildable. If you are using this powder alone, I suggest a setting spray, that will finish the look and set your powder into your skin. Some of my favorite setting sprays are Laura Gellar’s Spackle ($32 http://www.ulta.com) which can prime, set, AND (this is the best part) re-wet your foundation so you can touch up your makeup without having to do a full face again, which is important when it comes to full coverage foundations (you don’t want lines, uneven spots, or a cakey finish).

All in all, this powder foundation is one of the best powder foundations out there. I definitely suggest trying it; especially if you are in the process of finding a new powder foundation.

Jane Iredale PurePressed Base, PureMatte Pressed, BeyondMatte Pressed, & AmazingMatte Loose Minerals:

$30 – $42 http://www.janeiredale.com

jane 3

Jane Iredale has been one of my favorite skincare/makeup companies, since I was first introduced to it about seven years ago. Though it’s a little on the pricey side, the antioxidants and natural ingredients are definitely worth the splurge. Jane Iredale also prides itself on being makeup, “that’s actually good for your skin”. From her Vitamin C packed primers, to her antioxidant filled finishing sprays, any beauty with any skin type, can find a product that’s perfect for them. I have to admit; when I first tried Jane Iredale, I was a little confused. Some of her products like “Liquid Minerals”, a serum with balls of mineral powder, which doubles as a light coverage foundation, and “Dream Tint”, a tinted moisturizer that’s packed with antioxidants and anti-aging properties, were NOT my cup of tea, due to the fact that the coverage it provided was extremely sheer. That is, until I tried the “Original PurePressed Base”, and other oil control products from Jane Iredale.

Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation, ($42 http://www.janeiredale.com) is a powder foundation, that provides light to medium/full coverage, that comes in compact style packaging. It works great over ANY type or brand of foundation, which is great, because over a liquid foundation, you can get the full coverage that any full coverage foundation will provide. It’s gluten-free and vegan, and is natural, which is great for ALL types of skin, including sensitive. I did notice, however, that the “Original PurePressed Base”, would result on a lot of touching up within my t-zone throughout the day (which a lot of regular non-oil free or moisturizing skin makeup will do to a person with acne prone, oily, or combination skin). While the “Original PurePressed Base”, is great for a person with dry, “normal” or balanced, oily, or oily combination skin, there is an even better option for those struggling with acne, oily, or combination skin, which won’t have you constantly touching up your powder throughout the day.

jane 2

Jane Iredale’s PureMatte Pressed Mineral Powder, ($32 http://www.janeiredale.com) is a translucent powder that can be worn OVER or UNDER your regular foundation powders or liquid foundation. Since it is translucent, it won’t provide you with the full coverage of a powder foundation, BUT you can use it as a skin finisher, or a priming powder, which is great to set or prime your skin to absorb the excess oil. It has rice powder as an ingredient, which helps absorb and control oil and shine, and it also won’t dry your skin out, like a lot of ultra matte powders can do. It also reduces the need for “touch ups” throughout the day, which can be annoying AND expensive; especially if you are using an expensive foundation or powder foundation, which results in going through way more product than you should have to go through in a day; powder foundations especially (not to mention powder foundations can be messy sometimes, which wastes powder anyways).


A gold, metal compact from Jane Iredale is $18. THAT IS JUST FOR THE COMPACT, WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE THE POWDER/PRODUCT. And a refill of PureMatte Pressed Powder, for the compact, is $32. Yes it’s pricey; but the compact is sturdy and will last you  for a LONG TIME. Then you just have to buy the refills for the compact. And since “PureMatte Pressed Powder”, is translucent and basically just a finishing or prepping powder, you don’t need much at all. So it will last you at least 2 to 3 months +. AND like I said, it will save you money in the long run, due to less “touching up” with your foundation or powder foundation. So it’s a good investment. All options are gluten free and vegan, as well.

Jane Iredale’s BeyondMatte Pressed Powder, ($34 http://www.janeiredale.com) absorbs excess oil, like it’s sister product, PureMatte Pressed Powder. But it goes a little further as far as skin care and benefits go. BeyondMatte is water resistant, which means sweat and oil won’t phase this “tough on shine” matte powder. It’s also a High Definition (HD) powder, which means it’s great for people who are on camera, whether it be film OR photo. It’s also sensitive skin approved, eliminates ALL shine, lessens transference, smooths out the texture and tone of skin, and reduces the appearance of pores. Which is something EVERYONE can appreciate.


BeyondMatte comes in two different shades; Translucent and Lilac. Translucent works with any skin tone, and the actual product comes as a peachy color, which is different than all of the pure white HD powders on the market today. White HD powder can wash a person’s face out; especially beauties with darker skin tones. So Jane Iredale’s peachy translucent shade is great for ALL shades of skin. The Lilac shade, is great for brightening up sallow skin tones, and reverses grayish, dull, drab looking skin.

BeyondMatte is specifically used OVER liquid or powder foundation, and finishes skin to perfect your face. And once again, since it’s translucent, it doesn’t provide full coverage, but it’s a great addition to ANY full coverage foundation or powder. It also saves product because it lessens the need for “touch ups”, and keeps shine and oil at bay. And like I said, it’s water resistant, so it won’t budge or cave to oil that can appear on your t-zone (or anywhere on your face) throughout the day.

Jane Iredale’s AmazingMatte Loose Mineral Powder, ($36 http://www.janeiredale.com) is PureMatte’s version of loose minerals. AmazingMatte Loose Minerals, work exactly like PureMatte, so it’s appropriate for use UNDER or OVER skin, to absorb excess oil with it’s rice powder properties. AmazingMatte is better for people with oily, or extremely oily skin. And even though it’s translucent (meaning it won’t give you full coverage like a powder foundation or pigmentation like a pigmented powder foundation), it’s going to give you an even stronger, and more full, layer of protection against oil. It will absorb more oil than the PureMatte Pressed Powder will, and it will give you that barrier that prevents shine and oil from creeping up throughout the day. It’s just a stronger version of PureMatte Pressed, and is a great addition to full coverage liquid or powder foundation, because it will save you product from all of the “touch ups” that beauties with oily skin struggle with.


Even though the only Jane Iredale Powder that gives you full coverage is “PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation”, and it’s loose mineral edition, “AmazingBase Loose Mineral Powder”, the three oil and shine control translucent powders, are GREAT for prepping, priming, or finishing oily to combination skin. And if you’re using a full coverage liquid or powder foundation (or both) you know that there’s nothing worse, than having oil or sweat, ruin the perfectly applied layer of finished and perfected foundation. With full coverage especially, it takes a lot of work, to redo the part of your face where oil or sweat broke through, so you should honestly prep and prevent your skin, from that excess oil that creeps up in the middle of the day. Not only will it save you product and money, but it will save you time, as well as protecting your skin from unwanted breakouts.

Dealing with acne prone, oily, or combination oily skin can be TOUGH. Especially when it comes to finding a foundation that not only covers those imperfections, but doesn’t add to the problem. All of the above mentioned foundation, powders, and concealers, I absolutely swear by. Not only do they provide beautiful finishes, but they cover redness, blemishes, and even out skin tone, all while controlling oil and either preventing, or minimizing breakouts. Aside from making me FEEL beautiful, they also are easy to apply, and mix well with each other, so your beauty routine doesn’t have to take so much time (especially the time it takes to cover unwanted skin imperfections). I have definitely struggled with finding the perfect foundations, powder foundations, and oil control powders over the years, but after years of trial and error, I feel like I have FINALLY found the foundation products, that FINALLY work for me, and other beauties that want full coverage, antioxidant packed, natural looking, acne fighting, anti-aging makeup.


Have a Fresh & Fab Day, Beauties!



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