Bronzer(s)! Bronzer(s)! Bronzer(s)! The Beauty Industry’s Best Bronzer(s): Fall & Winter Edition

Hello, Beauties!

So today’s topic is BRONZER(S). I’ve gotten some requests to write a review of my favorite bronzers! And to tell you the truth… they vary between seasons. And even though Autumn is in full swing, there’s no reason to lose that Summertime glow… As long as you keep it, well… SUBTLE. So I’ll be going into what bronzers should look like in the Fall & Winter, what my favorite bronzers are for Fall & Winter, and when to STOP with the bronzer… (I should know…. I learned the hard way).

First off, Summer has faded away, the leaves are changing colors, and the air is crisp and cool. It’s DEFINITELY sweater weather! *HOORAY!* (At least to me, anyways!) BUT just because it’s Fall, like I said before, it doesn’t mean you have to completely lose that summer glow! BUT, Fall & Winter makeup trends, tend to lighten up the bronzers, as well as lighten up the foundation shades…. Because it’s natural for skin to lighten up as Summer fades. Even though the lip trends darken, and the eye trends turn to smokey shades of plum’s, grey’s, and this year, especially, all shades of red, your foundation shade, as well as your bronzer shade, SHOULD lighten up. This goes for ALL skin tones. From light, medium, and dark.

You see, the makeup industry trends change with the seasons, (as they should). And as a former employee of the downhill tanning industry, I ignored that. My skin would stay bronze for ALL OF AUTUMN AND WINTER. That’s NO BUENO. You may be able to get away with that in the early month of Autumn; especially with Fall’s warm colors, but once it snows, and Winter hits, your bronze face will look ORANGE against the drab Winter shades of white and grey. It WILL look unnatural. It won’t look pretty. AND IT WILL LOOK FAKE. And if you haven’t noticed lately, the beauty industry is turning towards the trend of LOOKING natural. Natural in foundation finishes. Natural in powder finishes. Natural in ingredients in beauty products. Natural as in non-comodogenic. Natural as in paraban-free. Natural as in hypoallergenic. Natural as in fragrance free. Even makeup setting spray’s main focus, is to “melt” your makeup into your skin and pores, to make your foundation and setting powder, look like REAL skin. So why would any beauty expert, tell you to OVERBRONZE your face during Fall or Winter?? ANYWAYS… my point is, LIGHTEN UP your foundation shade, and LIGHTEN UP your bronzer shade. Keep it subtle.

phys. form.
Bronzers. Bronzers. Bronzers.


Now that we’ve covered the “lightening up” part, let’s talk about ways to keep your bronzer, SUBTLE. You may dust your entire face, or strobe/contour your face, with shimmery, sun kissed bronzers during the Summer….  But during Fall and Winter, you shouldn’t apply bronzer the same way that you apply it during the Summer. I suggest sweeping your cheekbones with a lighter (skin tone appropriate) bronzer; either OVER your blush, for a lighter, sun kissed glow, OR you can sweep it directly under your cheekbones, for a subtle contour. If you don’t contour, and you don’t want to replace or mix your blush with a bronzer, but you still want to bronze, apply the bronzer with an “Airbrush Blurring Powder” Brush ($26 It Brushes For Ulta or any brush with similar features. The “Airbrush Blurring Powder” brush, will pick up just enough bronzer (so you don’t end up over-doing it), and then apply the bronzer to the apples of your cheeks. You will get the perfect sun kissed, Autumn appropriate, lightly dusted, bronzer application.


It Brushes For Ulta “Airbrush Blurring Powder” Brush.


M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish Original & Natural:


Now that we have covered, Autumn appropriate bronzer application, let’s talk about Autumn appropriate bronzers. M.A.C Cosmetics offer an array of bronzers. And while their original “Bronzing Powder” works quite well, it’s the “Mineralize Skinfinish” line of powders, bronzers, and highlighters, that really get the job done, and leave anyone feeling gorgeous!


mineralize 1
M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish


In an array of shades, finishes, and sheens, “Mineralize Skinfinish” ($34 doesn’t disappoint. From “Soft n’ Gentle” to “Global Glow”, these bronzers glide on your skin, blend into powder and foundation, and last at least 6 hours before needing to touch up. The original “Mineralize Skinfinish”, comes in shades that can be used as highlighters, blush, or bronzers on ANY skin tone, light to dark. They all have shimmer, and leave your skin with a gorgeous glow that won’t disappoint. “Gold Deposit” is more of a Summer appropriate shade, for light to medium skin tones, while it can be a great Fall shade, for people with darker skin tones. “Cheeky Bronze” is a beautiful color for people with lighter skin tones, for Fall and Winter. It leaves you with a light bronze glow, that can be blended beautifully into any contour OR blush application. Either way, any of the shades (which you can view all shades on are a great addition to a makeup application.


mineralize 3
M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish in “Cheeky Bronze”.


If you don’t want a shimmery finish, and you want something more subtle, try M.A.C Cosmetics “Mineralize Skinfinish Natural” ($34 This can double as a finishing powder OR a bronzer (if you get it in a shade to bronze or contour). The finish is a smooth, beautiful, matte, which blends into foundation or powder like a dream. Any powder brush will pick up the perfect amount for application, whether you are using this as a finishing powder, or a bronzer. For finishing powder use, the array of shades M.A.C offers, are appropriate and perfect for any color of skin tone, dark, medium, or light. “Medium Dark” is the perfect shade to work as a bronzer for lighter skin tones, while “Medium Deep” is great for medium skin tones. “Deep” or “Dark Deep” are great for darker skin tones, while still being Fall appropriate. The “Mineralize Skinfinish Natural” doesn’t have any shimmer, so you will always be left with natural looking color, if you decide to use this as a finishing powder, or if you decide to bronze or contour.


mineralize 2
M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in “Medium Dark”.



Too Faced Bronzers (various shades):


Aside from M.A.C Cosmetics, “Mineralize Skinfinish” Line, some of my favorite bronzers of all time, come from Too Faced Cosmetics. I know, I know…. I covered Too Faced “Better Than Sex Mascara” yesterday, but seriously…. Too Faced has been coming out with some impressive products these past few years!


bronze2 sephora
Too Faced “Milk Chocolate Soleil”


One of Too Faced Cosmetics’ most popular bronzers is “Chocolate Soleil” ($30 First of all, “Chocolate Soleil” is a GREAT bronzer. It’s silky smooth application, and gorgeous matte finish, is pretty close to perfect. BUT for people with lighter skin tones, it can be a little too dark, after Summer fades. BUT as usual, Too Faced doesn’t disappoint in the bronzer department, and that’s where “Milk Chocolate Soleil” comes in ($30 “Milk Chocolate Soleil” is a few shades lighter than it’s sister shade, “Chocolate Soleil”. So it’s PERFECT for Autumn. It does have the same matte finish, as “Chocolate Soleil”, so this bronzer is appropriate for contouring, or giving your blush a subtle bronze shade.


bronze4 sephora chocolate
Too Faced “Chocolate Soleil”


Too Faced also has a bronzer called “Dark Chocolate Soleil” ($30, which is great for darker skin tones. If you have a darker skin tone, “Dark Chocolate Soleil” is great for a Summer bronzer. And “Chocolate Soleil” is appropriate to lighten up to, for Fall. All of the Too Faced “Chocolate Soleil” bronzers are GREAT for contouring, or giving your blush a subtle bronze shade. But they won’t give you a “glow”; just a sun kissed look, that’s a great addition to a beautiful makeup application.

Too Faced has a line of bronzers that WILL give your face a gorgeous glow, that’s still appropriate for Fall. Too Faced “Snow Bunny” bronzer/highlighter, says it all in it’s name.  Like it’s sister bronzers, “Sun Bunny” and “Beach Bunny”, which are GORGEOUS for summer, on both light, medium, and dark skin tones, “Snow Bunny” is more appropriate for Fall and Winter. It’s great to sweep on the apples’ of your cheeks, dust a light coat over your blush for a gorgeous glow, or wear alone AS a blush. “Sun Bunny” can do the same as, “Snow Bunny”, does for lighter and medium skin tones, that it does for darker skin tones. “Pink Leopard” is also a great shade for light, medium, and dark skin tones, and can double as a blush, because of it’s pink-nude hue.

All of these Too Faced shades are $30 at, OR you can purchase my personal favorite; “The Little Black Book of Bronzers” by Too Faced. This is a bronzer palette, that comes with the following Too Faced Bronzers:

  • Sun Bunny
  • Beach Bunny
  • Milk Chocolate Soleil
  • Chocolate Soleil
  • Dark Chocolate Soleil
  • Pink Leopard
  • Snow Bunny
  • Endless Summer


little black book


All of the bronzers in this palette are deluxe sample sizes, which mean they are larger than the sample sizes that you have probably received in an Ipsy, Birchbox, or Boxy Charm. It’s also a GREAT way to try out all of their bronzers, and will last you throughout the year. So you can adjust your bronzer with the season changes, and you won’t look overdone OR underdone. Unfortunately, doesn’t sell these palettes anymore, BUT you can find them at select Ulta Stores, on Ebay, or sometimes Amazon, so keep your eyes out for this gem!


Jane Iredale “So Bronze” Bronzers:


Last, but not least, (although a bit more expensive) are Jane Iredale’s Bronzers. I’ve covered Jane Iredale before, so you probably know how great her makeup is for your skin. Filled with antioxidants and anti-aging properties, her Bronzer is no different than her Foundation Powders. Her Bronzers start at $39 at BUT that’s just for the refill pan. It’s $18 for the actual compact, without any bronzer or powder pan’s. SO if you’re willing to spend the extra cash, you will definitely be impressed.


jane bronzers 2
Jane Iredale’s “Rolls Royce of Minerals” Bronzers


Jane Iredale’s bronzers come in 3 different shades:

  • So Bronze 1: a reddish brown toned bronzer
  • So Bronze 2: a golden brown toned bronzer
  • So Bronze 3: a peachy brown toned bronzer

So depending on your skin tone, whether it’s warm, cool, neutral, light, medium, or dark, then you will be able to find which bronzer is right for you. BUT let me make some suggestions:

“So Bronze 1”, is best for darker skin tones, with a warmer tone. In fact, all of these bronzers will work for warmer skin tones. The reason “So Bronze 1” is best for darker skin tones, is because it doesn’t have any other color except the reddish-brown bronze, to diffuse the lighting or add a shimmery glow that will lighten up the color. It will give you pure, smooth, blend-able color for a bronze glow in your contour, blush, or a bronze pop on the apples of your cheeks.

“So Bronze 1”.


“So Bronze 2”, is best for medium to medium dark skin tones. In the Summer, lighter skin shades can pull this off, but I don’t recommend this for Fall or Winter. It may be a little too dark for lighter shades. The golden brown bronzer, is mostly a brown bronze color, but it has a little quarter sliver, of yellow or golden light, which helps diffuse the bronzer into a lighter color, which is adjustable for medium to medium dark skin tones, that are great for Fall.

“So Bronze 2”.


“So Bronze 3” is better for lighter skin tones, because aside from the gorgeous bronze color in the pan, it has a sliver of beautiful pinkish mauve, that acts like a diffuser, which not only lightens the bronzer, BUT it doubles as a blush. So with one swipe, this bronzer blends into the perfect bronzey-blush for Fall. And since the colors are separated, you can control the amount of pink that goes on your cheeks or contour. So you can use it year round.

“So Bronze 3”.


All of these bronzers are super gorgeous, and contain the “Rolls Royce of Minerals”, according to Jane Iredale’s website. I can personally attest to the quality of these bronzers, as well as the pigmentation. They may be expensive, but if you are just using them for Fall and Winter, and not over bronzing, then chances are that these will last you well into Spring and Summer, which will allow you to use a heavier hand, and cover more of your face for that sun kissed, Summer-y, bronze glow.


Autumn and Winter certainly don’t mean you have to lose that sun kissed glow! Just keep it subtle! Lighten up your foundation, bronzer, and contour shades, and remember TO BLEND! To keep a bronze look subtle (especially with these highly pigmented options I’ve presented in this post) BLENDING is key. Not only will a Beauty Blender ($20 do the trick, but the It For Ulta, “Airbrush Blurring Powder” Brush, I mentioned above, or an It for Ulta, “Velvet Luxe Empress Fan” brush ($48 will blend any bronzer; shimmer, or matte, better than even a Beauty Blender, can blend! Each of these brushes will also pick up the perfect amount of bronzer of ANY sheen or finish, and apply, blend, and also lighten the amount of pigment and product that you are applying to your cheeks, etc. So these brushes are PERFECT for Fall and Winter bronzing application, and blending bronzers into blushes, or contours into blushes and powders.

I know how hard it can be, to let go of your Summertime, sun kissed, beach-y, glow. BUT all good things must come to an end…. EXCEPT bronzing! *HOORAY*


Have A Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!





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