Review: Too Faced, “Better Than Sex Mascara” ORIGINAL & WATERPROOF

Hello, Beauties!

I hope all of you had a great weekend! I know that I sure did! I also was thinking about what to review today! I know I’ve written a lot on foundations, brushes, powders, and skin care, so I wanted to review something that I haven’t talked a lot about! MASCARA! So today I’m reviewing TOO FACED; “Better Than Sex Mascara”.

Too Faced; Better Than Sex Mascara:


too faced 3

Too Faced, “Better Than Sex Mascara”, has become a staple product in the beauty industry. Most beauty blogger’s, fashion magazine’s, and makeup artists have adopted this mascara into their “must have” product category’s, for instant volume, length, and overall, GORGEOUS lashes. But what is it, that makes this mascara so irresistible?

First off, Too Faced, did their homework on what exactly, everyone was wanting and what was selling, as far as a mascara brushes (or wands) go. Before “Better Than Sex Mascara” came out, Too Faced was no amateur, as far as mascaras go. Too Faced “Lash Injection” was a popular mascara, known for it’s large mascara brush, which promised to “plump” lashes, just like filler’s “plump” your lips. I DID love “Lash Injection Mascara”, because of the brush size, and how well it added volume to my lashes. But there was something missing…. And definitely room for improvement.

Although “Lash Injection Mascara” did work well, as far as lengthening and volume went, it was nothing that other mascaras, like Clinique’s “High Impact Mascara”, or M.A.C’s “Plush Lash”, couldn’t achieve. Although I STILL love those classic mascaras, Too Faced took “Lash Injection Mascara”, to the next level.

glamour too faced


Enter “Better Than Sex Mascara”. As soon as “Better Than Sex Mascara” hit the market, Too Faced saw a surge in mascara sales. They took the size of the brush that “Lash Injection Mascara” had, added even more lash coating bristles, and an hour glass figure, which helps coat each lash (top and bottom) with their extreme and innovative formula, and the rest was history….

When I tried “Better Than Sex Mascara” for the first time, I was HOOKED. The lash plumping, lengthening, volumizing, and glamorous effect that this mascara gave my lashes, was definitely more than ANY mascara I’ve ever tried, has given me in one coat. This mascara is also buildable, without flaking off, or clumping lashes together, the way other mascara’s do, when trying to apply multiple coats. I usually wear false lashes, but I still use “Better Than Sex Mascara” to blend my real lashes, in to my false lashes, and it also gives my false lashes, an extra-plump effect.

“Better Than Sex Mascara” has collagen in the formula, which actually plumps each lash!  And according to, “Better Than Sex Mascara” provides lashes with 1,944% more volume. Which packs a HUGE amount of volume, in one tiny little tube. Also, 8/10 people (according to said that this is the “Best mascara they’ve ever used.”

Too Faced founder, Jerrod Blandino, was actually quoted saying, to a woman on the Too Faced team, who tried the innovative mascara (before they had named the iconic mascara) that her lashes looked, “Better Than Sex”…. Therefore the mascara was named, “Better Than Sex Mascara”.

**all results were obtained in a consumer study, according to

too faced 2


Eventually, Too Faced, decided to retire “Lash Injection Mascara”, which makes sense, because once, “Better Than Sex Mascara” hit the market, I’m assuming there weren’t many people purchasing “Lash Injection”, because “Better Than Sex” was like “Lash Injection”, but 100 times better.

Too Faced still has their “Size Queen Mascara”, ($21 which has an extremely similar style wand as “Lash Injection”, which is great for lashes needing a more volumizing formula. They also have their “LashGASM Mascara” ($18.90 which has a skinny brush, which is great for coating each lash, and lengthening lashes, as well as curling lashes. So Too Faced still caters to every beauty’s lash needs, if “Better Than Sex Mascara” isn’t your cup of tea (which I highly doubt, but every beauties’ lash needs are different).

If you’re looking for a WATERPROOF mascara, Too Faced created a WATERPROOF version of “Better Than Sex Mascara”. Although the Original and the WATERPROOF versions, are still extremely similar, I do prefer the Original “Better Than Sex Mascara” to the WATERPROOF version of “Better Than Sex Mascara”. The reason being, that I’ve tried both, and while the WATERPROOF version is still GOOD, the Original is GREAT. I’m just not a huge fan of WATERPROOF mascaras, because of the damage that it can do to lashes, when trying to wash off or remove mascara. I feel like “scrubbing” mascara off of my lashes, doesn’t do my lashes any favors, and when you throw in wearing false lashes most of the time, each and every lash on your lash line, counts. Also, the number one complaint, about the WATERPROOF version of “Better Than Sex Mascara”, according to reviews I read on, was that the WATERPROOF version, seemed to take longer drying time than the ORIGINAL, which resulted in smudging and running mascara, in regions with high humidity, as well as having to wipe the mascara wand with a tissue, because too much product came out on to the wand. Others complained that the WATERPROOF version, created EXTREME CLUMPING of lashes, which is definitely the opposite of what the Original “Better Than Sex Mascara” is supposed to achieve.



Overall, I give Too Faced “Better Than Sex Mascara”, 4.5 out of 5 stars. From the amazing length, volume, and glamorous effect that this mascara gives lashes, to it’s ability to coat each and every single lash in just one swipe, this is definitely my “go to” mascara, when coating my natural lashes, blending my natural lashes in to my false lashes, and recommending mascaras to others. Only losing half a point for the WATERPROOF version of “Better Than Sex Mascara”, (which technically shouldn’t be a hit against the Original, but I had to be objective), all in all, the Original “Better Than Sex Mascara” definitely wins my vote for BEST MASCARA. Like, EVER.

I hope all of my beauties have an AMAZING DAY, and that all of you will run out (or jump online and order) to try this AMAZING mascara, if you haven’t already, or if you’re in the market for a new mascara!


Have a Fresh & Fab Day, Beauties!





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