Best Nudes: My Top Picks For Best Nude Lipsticks, In Each Skin Tone Category

Hello, Beauties!

So I’ve realized that I haven’t talked much (or at all) about lipstick! And in the wake of lipstick’s ever growing popularity, with so many different brands, shades, formulas, etc. I can’t just do one post about “Best Lipsticks”. I mean, every skin tone, eye color, hair color, face shape, hair length, personal style, eye shape, etc. can change which lipstick shade, sheen, etc. will look best on you. So I’ve decided to separate my lipstick posts and reviews, into different categories. And today, I will be talking about my favorite nude lipsticks! A nude lip IS my personal favorite lip look, anyway. And NUDES will need to be broken down in to multiple posts, because I have SO MANY FAVES!

First off, a nude lip looks great on anyone. It just depends on your skin color and hair color, that determine’s WHAT SHADE of nude that you should go for. For example; if you have platinum hair, and extremely light skin, a nude color with pinkish hues or a tawny pigment, is going to look best on you. Any other nude lip can tend to wash you out (unfortunately). If you have a medium or olive skin tone, a nude that is a light peach or apricot tone, or a muted white-ish tan, will look best. And if you have darker skin, light browns and dark tans, OR nudes with pinkish brown hues will look absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Extremely dark skin or ebony skin, can really pull ANY of the above nude colors that I mentioned, off, and look flawless. (Jealous)! It really just all depends. So I will try to make this simple. After all, nude lips are in high demand and super popular right now. I’ll separate this post into skin tone sections, and which nudes are my favorite colors, brand, and sheens for each skin tone.


Porcelain – Light Skin Tones:

M.A.C offers some great nude options for porcelain to light skin tones. If you’ve tried nude lipsticks, but can’t seem to adopt the nude lip into your daily beauty routine, you’ve probably been using a nude that isn’t the right color for your skin tone. Nudes with tan or peach/apricot finishes, can actually wash out your skin tone, and almost appear grey, which isn’t flattering if you aren’t going for a “grey” lip. Try nudes with pinkish hues, mauve-y nudes, or tawny nudes. They won’t appear grey OR wash out your skin tone.

M.A.C Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick:


Velvet Teddy is a beautiful shade on ALL skin colors. It’s a universal nude with pink and light brown hues. Even though this is a great shade on all skin colors, people with lighter skin, make the hues in this beautiful shade, really pop. Pair this with any M.A.C lip liner in shades, Whirl, Spice, or Boldly Bare, and you will get the beautiful, full, gorgeous, nude lip of your dreams. Seriously though; This shade of lipstick is life changing.


velvet teddy
M.A.C Velvet Teddy


“Exposed Lip Kit” by Kylie Cosmetics


How could I even mention nude lips without mentioning Kylie Jenner? I know all of you have mixed feelings about Kylie and the Kardashian fam, but whether or not you like them, Kylie Cosmetics is a gold mine, when looking for the perfect nude lip color. Great nude shades for lighter skin tones are, “Koko K”, “Dolce”, and my personal favorite, “Exposed”. The lip kit comes with one liquid lip cream, which has a matte finish, and one lip liner. “Exposed”, is a “warm mid-toned beige”, according to Kylie.

The kit is $29 on

“Exposed” Lip Kit $29


Charlotte Tilbury “The Uptown Girl Lip Kit”:


This lip kit is on the pricey side. I have to admit that. BUT Charlotte Tilbury is a GENIUS, not only as a makeup artist, but as a makeup CREATOR. She is a well known makeup artist among celebrities. Models, movie stars, celebutants, etc. And her makeup line that she released a few years back, is growing more and more popular, due to it’s AMAZING… well, pretty much EVERYTHING. Her lipsticks are named after celebrities that she has worked on, and her shades are all custom made for those celebrities. She also has a cream called, “Charlotte’s Magic Cream”, which is a moisturizer that she mixed for models and celebs, before she actually applied their makeup. Soon enough, those models and celebs, were asking Charlotte to bottle that cream for them to take home, and word spread throughout the industry. Charlotte was sending home, so much of her “Magic Cream”, with celebs and models, that she decided she should just start selling it. Therefore, her brand, “Charlotte Tilbury” was born! ANYWAYS; This lip kit is great for beauties with lighter skin tones, and is a great nude option, due to it’s pinkish hues. The lip kit comes with a lipstick, “Lip Cheat” (which is a lip liner), and gloss.


“The Uptown Girl Lip Kit” $72.50


Light/Medium – Medium – Medium/Dark Skin Tones:

ANY medium skin tone, whether it be a lighter medium, or a darker medium skin tone, looks great in TRUE NUDE shades. Meaning a light tan, tan, or ANY light tan with a pinkish hue, or a tan hue, will really look great on you. Pair a nude lip with a smokey eye, or any heavy dark lined eye, and you will look GORGEOUS.

M.A.C “Creme d’Nude Cremesheen Lipstick:


This lipstick is a TRUE NUDE. It’s light beige color, with peach hues, and will make medium skin look flawless, and like I said, if you pair it with a smokey eye, or heavily dark lined eye, then use a golden shimmery highlight, you will look like a GOLDEN GODDESS. Seriously. Line your lips with M.A.C Lip Liner, “Naked”, and you’ll have the perfect nude pout. You can also get M.A.C’s limited edition “Scentshade”, which comes with a “Creme d’Nude” lipstick, an a fragrance called, “Creme d’Nude”, for $57 on or, for a limited time.


M.A.C Creme d’ Nude Shadescent


M.A.C “Myth” Satin Lipstick: 


“Myth” is a staple nude in the makeup industry. M.A.C Cosmetics has sold “Myth” for over ten years, and is a CLASSIC in the nude lip department. It’s lighter neutral nude hue, with a slightly peach toned finish, and looks good on any medium skin tone, as well as dark skin tone’s. For darker skin tones, it will give you a “Mod” look, and will make dark skin tones, ESPECIALLY EBONY TONES, really pop. Unfortunately, lighter skin tones to porcelain skin tones, will find that this color may wash your skin out, even though it has a bit of a pinkish tone, it has mostly a peachy hue, and it’s quite a light, neutral, TRUE NUDE, shade. If you have lighter skin, I highly suggest pairing this shade with a M.A.C lip liner, in “Spice”, “Boldly Bare”, or “Naked”, and then lining your lips to the mid section of your lip, and then applying “Myth” on the inner part of your lips, making an ombre’ nude lip. You can use the liner AND the lipstick to blend each other IN to one another. Then press your lips together to create the perfect blend. This method will actually look good on ANY skin tone, and will compliment any eye color, or eye makeup shade. If you do wear it without a liner, and don’t want an ombre’ look, really only medium to dark skin tones can pull this one off. Either way, it’s a great nude lip shade, and can be used for lip contouring, as well, which I will talk about in an upcoming post.


mac myth ebay
M.A.C “Myth” Satin Lipstick $17.50


Kylie Cosmetics “Dirty Peach” Lip Kit:


Medium skin tones look great in peachy toned lipsticks. And I for one, consider peach lipsticks, to be nude lipsticks. Kylie’s “Dirty Peach” lip kit, is a GORGEOUS lip color. Especially on medium skin tones. And I REALLY love that Kylie’s Lip Kits come with both a liquid lipstick (matte finish), AND a lip liner. Because getting a perfect pout, without your lip color feathering, and being able to make your lips look bigger, is important. It makes your lips look more polished, and your lipstick look “finished”. This lip kit is seriously a medium skin toned beauty’s DREAM. Even if you have a medium skin tone, and haven’t tried a peachy nude, I PROMISE YOU that you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. This peachy nude looks good with “naked eyes” AKA just mascara or lashes, OR with a full on smokey eye, dark lined eye, OR any golden toned eyeshadow. It also looks good with peachy shadows, with golden shadows complimenting the peachy shadow. For medium-dark skin tones, peachy and golden eyeshadows, along with a peachy or light pinkish-brown blush, a golden peach highlight, and a brown or black eyeliner; “Dirty Peach” will be the lip color and finishing touch, of your dreams.


“Dirty Peach Lip Kit” $29


Dark to Ebony Skin Tones:

Dark to Ebony skin tones, require a darker brown or dark tan, for a nude lip. BUT honestly, any dark nude, brown, peachy nude, pinkish hued, mauve hued, dark mauve hued, or lighter nude, can be pulled off. It just depends on what kind of look you are going for. I highly suggest starting out with a dark mauve liner, like M.A.C Lip Liner in “Whirl” or “Spice”. You can apply this lip liner on the outer part of your lip, then use a mauve nude in the middle, and peach or light nude, on your inner lip. Press your lips together and BOOM! A perfect nude ombre’ lip. For a high fashion look, you can apply lighter nudes to your lips, BUT this is definitely a daring, edgy, even “Mod” kind of look. But since this is a “nude lip” post, let’s keep it natural. So I will go over which shades will look best on darker skin tones, for a true nude/natural look.

M.A.C “Whirl” Matte Lipstick:


M.A.C Cosmetics, “Whirl” is a deep mauve color, which makes for a perfect nude lip. It honestly looks great on any skin color, but darker skin tones will appreciate this one, as a gorgeous nude shade! M.A.C also has a matching “Whirl” Lip Liner, which is great for plumping and contouring your lips. This shade also looks great with a lighter nude, (think “Myth” or “Creme d’Nude”) placed on the inner lip, for a beautiful ombre’ effect. I love the ombre’ effect because it gives lips more definition. It will also make you look like a pro did your lipstick! But I won’t tell if you won’t! I mean… really; what’s more gorgeous than a mauve shade, “melting” into a True Nude?!


“Whirl” $17.50


Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in “Penelope Pink”:


Okay, so…. this shade is a lighter nude. BUT before you make any assumptions about lighter nudes on darker skin, YOU MUST SEE FOR YOURSELF! Penelope Cruz has medium dark skin. And this shade was CUSTOMIZED JUST FOR HER! But not only can people with medium/dark skin to darker skin pull this off, but so can beauties with dark to ebony skin! See for yourself in this GORGEOUS picture:

penelope pink dark skin tone
“Penelope Pink” on dark toned skin;

OMG AM I RIGHT?!?! BEAUTIFUL! So YES my darker skin toned beauties! YOU CAN PULL OF LIGHTER NUDES! And you can pull them off just as good if not better, than most medium skin toned beauties, can! I’ve seen SO MANY reviews and concerns about “KKW by Kylie Cosmetics Nude Creme’ Lipstick Kit”, being “too light” for darker skin tones. BUT REALLY, they look absolutely flawless on darker skin tones! So my point is; don’t be afraid of light nudes…. You just need to put yourself out there, take a step forward, and then “Sa-shay Away”. And “Penelope Pink” is a great way to start!

penelope pink
“Penelope Pink” K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury. $33.25


“Brown Sugar” Lip Kit by Kylie Cosmetics:


Now that I’ve covered a mauve nude, and a lighter nude, for darker skin tones, I’d like to present a True Nude. And “Brown Sugar” Lip Kit, by Kylie Cosmetics is just the color! It’s a “true yellow-brown” as Kylie states on her website. And while it looks GORGEOUS on anyone, those of you looking for a True Nude, for darker skin tones, will appreciate this Lip Kit. It comes with one “Matte Finish” liquid lipstick, and one lip liner. Always line your lips FIRST, and do your lip contouring, BEFORE you add the liquid lipstick. After you put on the liquid lipstick, you can go back and accentuate the lip liner and lip contouring.  This Lip Kit wears well, lasts long, and looks great on darker skin tones, as a True Nude. It’s a very flattering color, and it looks extremely natural with it’s “true yellow-brown” Earth-y tones.


“Brown Sugar” Lip Kit by Kylie Cosmetics $29


So, there you have it. My top three picks for NUDES for each skin tone category.  I have SO MANY favorite NUDES, and will be reviewing a lot more NUDE Lipsticks, Liquid Lipsticks, Glosses, Lip Stains, Lip Liners, Lip Kits, etc. in the future, because NUDES are my absolute favorite lip, on EVERY SKIN TONE! It was a tough decision, only choosing three for each category, but if I listed all of my faves, this post would be a 300 page long chapter book. NO JOKE. Stay Tuned for more NUDES!


Have a Fresh & Fab Day, Beauties!



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