Strobing & Highlighting: How To Strobe With The Industry’s Best, “Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Glow Kits”

Hello, Beauties!

Today’s topic is “Strobing”…. Or “highlighting”…. Whatever you prefer to call it. Highlighting usually goes hand in hand with contouring. But strobing, however, can be done without contouring. AND it’s actually an easier way to “contour” without having to actually, well, “contour”.


glow collage
Glow Kits. Glow Kits. Glow Kits.


Strobing is a quicker, easier, and hassle-free way, to naturally contour, without having to contour. AT ALL. Strobing is just like highlighting, but takes away the need to contour. And when you JUST HIGHLIGHT, your natural contour comes out in your foundation shade. Your “Highlighter” or “Strobing Color”, is going to be a few shades lighter than your foundation, powder foundation, or setting powder color. So naturally, a contour will “come out” of strobing. It’s just an extremely NATURAL, everyday way to contour, without the time, application process, and extremity of contouring/highlighting. I mean really, contouring should really only be applied during occasions that you will be photographed. Red Carpet Events, Photo Shoots, Premiere’s, Fashion Shows, Weddings, or if you happen to be on stage; such as a ballet performance, stage performance, or if you happen to be a Burlesque Dancer, etc. AND if you’re like me, and take tons of selfies… But aside from these occasions, contouring is not necessary. Like everyday for example. If you happen to contour everyday, and it’s quite a “heavy” contour, chances are you are probably looking a bit overdone. ESPECIALLY during the daytime/natural lighting. Which, unfortunately, I’ve learned the hard way… (it seems like I learn the hard way when it comes to every makeup faux pas)….. *sigh*

Back to the topic; If you’re looking for great highlighters to strobe with, look no further! I will be giving you my list of top picks for highlighting and strobing, which will give your skin a subtle, gorgeous, happy glow, that will make heads turn, and make people wonder if you’re either “in love” or you’re just THAT happy all the time… And it just so happens that Anastasia Beverly Hills, actually has produced all of my top picks. I will be giving you different options; whether you like a slight shimmer, a lot of shimmer, a matte finish, a subtle glow, or maybe just a pop of a highlight. And I promise that these strobing and highlighting pigments, colors, and kits, that I am about to present to you, WILL NOT disappoint.

ana palettes
Glow Baby, Glow….


First of all, let me explain what “strobing” is. Strobing is when you dust a highlighter, illuminator, shimmer powder, or anything that illuminates OR is lighter in color, than your “regular foundation, setting powder, foundation powder, etc.”

Typically, you “strobe” exactly where you would highlight, when you contour. And the thing that is so awesome about “strobing”, is that you DO NOT have to contour. If you strobe and highlight in the correct places, there is no need to contour, because your highlighter or illuminator, will be lighter in color, than your foundation, foundation powder, setting powder, etc. So if you highlight and strobe correctly, the contour forms on your face, naturally. *PERFECT* RIGHT?! So don’t spend the extra time contouring, because there truly is no need for it, after strobing. UNLESS it’s for a photo shoot, premiere, fashion show, or you’re going to an event where you will be photographed a lot. I’m a VERY visual person, so here are a few “Strobing & Highlighting Cheat Sheets” so you can get the full visual effect of strobing and highlighting:



strobe 2
Strobing & Highlighting Cheat Sheet:



Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits, Highlighters, & Illuminators:

$28 – $45

Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the fastest growing and most popular makeup brands on the market today. Hand down. Starting out, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ niche WAS (and still is), eyebrows. From BrowDuos, and BrowWiz, to DipBrow, and everything in between, it was extremely apparent, that Anastasia Beverly Hills was every beauty blogger, makeup artist, and celebutants, “Go To” brow makeup brand. But since Anastasia Beverly Hills’ explosion of success with brow makeup, the company started to experiment and create other popular makeup products; And THANK GOODNESS they did. Because those behind the success and popularity of Anastasia, just happened to create a few other CLASSICS, in the beauty industry.

Illuminator: Riviera $28


BUT aside from eyebrows, Anastasia takes the cake for being THE best makeup brand for GLOW KITS, HIGHLIGHTERS, AND ILLUMINATORS, out of any makeup brand/company in the industry today. Not only are these Glow Kits some of my absolute favorites, but they’re also some of THE most beautiful, highly pigmented, flawless, and flattering (on ALL skin tones) Glow Kits and Highlighters out there. Here is a list of my favorite Glow Kits, Illuminators, and Highlighters, from Anastasia Beverly Hills:

collage 2
Anastasia Glow Kits… $40


Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in “Sun Dipped”:


Not only does “Sun Dipped” look gorgeous on any skin tone, BUT it gives a healthy, glamorous, Summertime glow, to anyone who wants one, year round (without the tanning bed).

Sun Dipped has four colors; “Bronzed”, “Summer”, “Tourmaline”, and “Moonstone”, which can be strobed and layered on, with a large or medium powder brush, for an extremely shimmery, apparent glow, or you can lightly dust this shimmery finished illuminator, with a  “Blurring Powder Brush” or a “Fan Brush”, above your cheek bones and centered on your forehead, for a more subtle, softer, sun kissed look. Either way, you will get a flawless highlight, which also help’s blur imperfections (which is a total *Bonus* when strobing with a shimmery highlighter especially).


“Sun Dipped” $40


Anastasia Beverly Hills “Ultimate” Glow Kit:


Anastasia’s “Ultimate Glow Kit” is a six shade palette, that ranges from white shimmery shades, to bronze and copper shimmery shades. The shades are “Snow”, “White Sand”, “Golden Dawn”, “Sun Ray”, “Amber Gold”, and “Hot Sand”. With the “Ultimate”, every Beauty can find their perfect strobing or highlighting shade, with just one out of the six colors, OR you can mix these shades together, to get a custom color that illuminates your gorgeous face. You can also use the lighter shades for Fall and Winter, and save the darker shades for Spring and Summer. All six shades have a shimmery finish, and can be applied by lightly sweeping across your strobing areas, or layering the colors for a more obvious gorgeous glow. Either way, you will be able to find a perfect, sunkissed, shimmery shade, or shades, that suit your beautiful self.

*NOTE* The Ultimate Glow Kit CANNOT be found on sale at Anastasia Beverly Hills website right now. BUT you CAN purchase this on now!

ana 6 shade glow
Anastasia Beverly Hills “Ultimate Glow Kit” $45


Anastasia Beverly Hills “The Original Contour Kit”:


If you happen to be looking more into highlighting a contour, or just strobing itself, but you’d like more of a matte finish, and you don’t want the shimmer finish/sheen that ABH’s Glow Kit’s feature, then “The Original Contour Kit” will be (or stay) your best friend.

Here’s a little background on ABH “Original Contour Kit”: This is Anastasia Beverly Hills’ second major success, after ABH’s Eyebrow Line Products, hit the beauty scene. Right when Kim Kardashian popularized, the now cult classic makeup application method, “Contouring”, Anastasia Beverly Hills was there, waiting to introduce the industry to their now, classic, and fail proof “Original Contour Kit”. Before “Strobing” became a thing and millions of makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and Instagram Models sighed that HUGE sigh of relief heard around the world, “contouring” was a must-do in ANY makeup tutorial or professional makeup application; whether it was Fashion Week, or a simple makeup consultation at Sephora…. (those poor MUA’s)…

While contouring is necessary for those in the spotlight and those being photographed excessively, “strobing” was the answer to the time lengthy, sometimes difficult process, of contouring. That’s when *MILLIONS SIGHED IN RELIEF* For those of you who still want the clean, simple, matte finish that Anastasia’s matte highlighters, which come with “The Original Contour Kit”, give you, then you’re STILL in luck. Because “The Original Contour Kit” is still flying off the shelves at Sephora, and is still being sold as a “Best Seller”, on Anastasia Beverly Hills’ website. *HOORAY!* ”

“The Original Contour Kit” comes in three skin shade options, which you can purchase in a powder formula kit OR a cream formula kit;


                                              Light/Medium         Medium/Tan            Tan/Deep

Contour Kit - Book Binder Macy
Anastasia Beverly Hills Original Contour Kit: Light/Medium – Medium/Tan – Tan/Deep





After Anastasia Beverly Hills’ BEST SELLING “Glow Kits”, in “The Ultimate” and “Sun Dipped”, as well as the “Original Contour Kits” go, there are a few more “Glow Kits” that come in four to six shades, depending on what kind of “glow” you like cast on your face, that Anastasia Beverly Hills has to offer.  All in all, the “Glow Kits” all range from warmer gorgeous golds, coppers, bronzes, and soft browns, to cooler colors like, light blues, opals, purples, and silvers. Here are a few more “Glow Kits” that are must have’s from Anastasia Beverly Hills:


Anastasia Beverly Hills “Nicole Guerrerio Glow Kit”:


Even renowned Beauty Blogger, and Instagram Star, Nicole Guerrerio, has her own Anastasia Beverly Hills “Glow Kit”, that she created with ABH, and named after herself. Although you can’t find her “Glow Kit” on ABH’s website anymore (unfortunately), I DID do some research and found that Sephora’s AUSTRALIA website still offer’s this beautiful strobing palette! This “Glow Kit” comes with six gorgeous glow pans, that look great on ANY skin shade, light, medium, or dark. The “Glow Kit” colors are, “Kitty Kat”, “Forever Young”, “Daydream”, “Forever Lit”, “Glo Getter”, and “143”. The highly pigmented colors are all warm, but like I said, ANY skin tone looks beautiful in these custom shades. I really hope that ABH will continue to feature Beauty Bloggers, Celebrities, and other important people who help shape the Beauty Industry, to help create and fashion “Glow Kits”, “Palettes”, etc. in the future.

nicole glow
“Nicole Guerrerio Glow Kit” $45


**You may be able to find it on sites like Amazon, eBay, Mercari, and Poshmark, but honestly the authenticity can never be guaranteed, and to guarantee authenticity and quality, you should ALWAYS purchase makeup brand’s official products from either the makeup brand’s VERIFIED and OFFICIAL WEBSITE/DOMAIN, or from or, because these two retailers are authorized to sell these brands, officially. PLUS these hardworking creators, artists, and employees who work at these brands, lose a lot of money that they HAVE EARNED, to fraudulent and illegal counterfeits, that steal and produce FAKE, COUNTERFEIT products, mainly in China.**


Anastasia Beverly Hills “Aurora” Glow Kit:


“Aurora” is another gorgeous “Glow Kit” that Anastasia features, and is STILL AVAILABLE, in stores and on ABH’s website! “Aurora” is a mixture of warm AND cool glow pans, and will compliment ANY makeup ensemble you plan to apply. “Eclipse”, “Helia”, and “Lyra” are all warmer pigments. And “Luna”, “Spectra”, and “Orion”, are all cool pigments. Having such a mixture of warm and cool tones, is beneficial  because it can compliment a TRUE smokey eye (cool), or an Earth-toned natural eye with a nude lip (warm). Either way, “Aurora” is worth investing in.

big aurora
“Aurora” $40


Anastasia Beverly Hills “Moonchild” Glow Kit:



big moonchild
“Moonchild” $40


Anastasia Beverly Hills “Sugar” Glow Kit:


The “Sugar” Glow Kit is another one of ABH’s warmer options. It also looks fantastic on medium/dark and darker skin shades. BUT even though these colors look great on darker skin shades, it doesn’t mean that they won’t look good on lighter skin shades. Even though this sugary sweet palette brings “white sugar” to mind, it’s actually a great Summer highlighting palette. It looks beautiful with a heavily black lined,  golden eye, bronze skin, and a nude lip. It also looks great accompanied with a medium dark bronzer. “Marshmallow” is great to highlight and strobe with, but “Gumdrop” and “Butterscotch” look great ON or OVER a bronzer. This palette is definitely a warm palette lover’s DREAM.


“Sugar” Glow Kit $40


Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in “Riviera”, “Peach Necter” & “So Hollywood”:


If you are more of a “one illuminator shade” kind of beauty, then you may prefer ABH’s “Illuminators”. They come in three different shades (as of now) and are $28. They are available on Anastasia Beverly Hills’ website. The three shades available are all GORGEOUS colors, and will definitely get the STROBING or HIGHLIGHTING job, not only done, but done extremely well. They are highly pigmented and can be lightly swept across your finishing powder or foundation, with a “Blurring Powder Brush” or “Fan Brush”, (or even a medium to large powder brush will do), for a light sunkissed glow. Or you can opt for the heavier highlight and layer these for a shimmery, “just back from the beach” wowza-GLOW!

“Illuminators” $28


Each of the “Glow Kits” (aside from “The Original Contour Kit”) have a fine, shimmery, sparkle-esque sheen, but is NOT “glittery”. It’s more of a soft shimmer, which blends into skin like a dream, and picks up extremely well on ANY makeup brush. Like I mentioned before, a softer glow can be achieved by using a “Blurring Powder Brush” or a Large “Fan Brush”. To get a more pigmented and heavier glow, use a “Blush Brush” or Medium to Large “Powder Brush”. An “Airbrush Buffing Brush” (which has a flat top or a slightly rounded top) and is meant heavier coverage foundation powders, will give you an extreme glow, because the brush will literally “buff” or almost “stipple” the glow powder on to your skin. AND the shimmery finishes will blur imperfections!

The matte finish “Highlighters” from “The Original Contour Kit”, can be applied with a flat, “Foundation Brush”, for a heavier or opaque coverage, as well as with an “Airbrush Buffing Brush”. A Large “Fan Brush” can be used for lighter coverage, but enough coverage to get a lighter color than your original setting powder or foundation color. A Beauty Blender will “buff” or “stipple” the matte highlighting powder, into your pores for an extreme full coverage highlight. And just so you’re not getting an obvious “line” from strobing or highlighting, The Original Beauty Blender should be your best friend. Seriously. Take a Beauty Blender and LIGHTLY roll over your original foundation, powder foundation, or setting powder, back and forth over your “strobing” or “highlighting” line (shimmery highlighters will blend with ease in to your foundation anyways, but this is just fool-proof insurance for a clean and perfect highlight to setting powder transformation). You want your highlight to MELT into your foundation. This assures there will be NO line, whatsoever, and will also give you that gorgeous, professional, model worthy, strobing blend. The matte finish “Contour Kit” highlighting powder won’t blend as easy as shimmer based powder will, but as long as you use a clean Beauty Blender, then the matte finished powder will blend with ease. AND LET ME TELL YOU; you DO NOT want an obvious highlight/strobe to your contour, or an obvious contour to your strobe. That’s why strobing is SO MUCH simpler than contouring and highlighting; there’s not even half as much to BLEND. Period. AND shimmer-finish highlighters are extremely easy to blend out. A perfectly blended strobe should look something like Kylie Jenner’s “Strobe/Highlight” (below), and DO NOT WORRY… practice makes perfect!

Harper's BAZAAR Celebrates "ICONS By Carine Roitfeld"
NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 09: TV Personality Kylie Jenner attends Harper’s BAZAAR Celebrates ‘ICONS By Carine Roitfeld’ at The Plaza Hotel on September 9, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)


Now that you’ve got the “Strobing” Technique down, and since you’re strobing (and NOT contouring) you are going to want to add a pop of Blush, to accentuate your cheekbones; EVEN THOUGH strobing NATURALLY contours, a little extra accentuation to your cheekbones is beautiful AND hassle free. I will talk about Blush in an upcoming post, so I won’t go to much into Blush colors, brands, etc. but I will say that “Au Naturale” is very in, even with it being Autumn. Personally, I love a great Bronzer to replace my Blush, but a pop of color is always eye brightening, so when I do use Blush, I like to keep it Earth-y and natural toned. Those with darker skin should always go with a brown toned red, or a deep red. That will “wake up” the tone of your skin, and will make your eyes pop. Medium tones always look good in peachy tans, or mauve’s. And lighter skin tones, can always count on off-pinks and light mauves (it really depends on your hair color and the exact color of your skin and eyes). Take a “Blush Brush” (medium or large) and sweep some color on to your brush. THEN apply a clean sweep on your outer cheeks next to your ears, to about 3 and a half inches in to your face. Swipe your “Blush Brush” on a tissue, and then lightly tap your “Blush Brush” on the apples of your cheeks. ALWAYS use lighter or brighter colors on the apples of your cheeks (that’s why I say to dab your “Blush Brush” on a tissue before hitting your apples). Then; this is wear a “Blurring Powder Brush” comes in handy… sweep your “Blurring Brush” around in circles, to blend your blush into NOT ONLY your setting powder/foundation, but your highlight/strobe. And because Blush is a very delicate powder, a regular Beauty Blender can tend to take away the color, or take too much of the Blush OFF while blending it in. That’s why it’s really important to OWN and USE a good “Blurring Powder Brush”. I use “It Brushes For Ulta- Blurring Powder Brush”.


blur powder 2
It For Ulta Blurring Powder Brush $26


“The Original Beauty Blender” $20


Either “Glow Kit” you decide to go with, will give you a polished, gorgeous, more complete face of makeup, and not only will you look like you’re “glowing”, but you will notice a difference in pictures and selfies. Your eyes will stand out, and your cheekbones will look more prominent. Not to mention your face and bone structure will look more “model-esque”. If you haven’t tried strobing, highlighting, or even contouring, you should definitely give it a try! Strobing is extremely easy, and is definitely worth the extra few minutes, spent in front of the mirror!

What are you waiting for? GET GLOW-ing!


Have a Fresh & Fab Day, Beauties!


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