Review: It Cosmetics Heavenly Skin Full Coverage Foundation Brush #703…… Great Brush or Gimmicky???

Hello, Beauties!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent a lot of my weekend reviewing new products and beauty tools so I can keep all of you up to date on the industry’s newest and most innovative products! And one of the products I reviewed (and loved) is, It Cosmetics Heavenly Skin Full Coverage Foundation Brush (#703).

heavenly full cover
Heavenly Skin Full Coverage Foundation Brush #703 $48

It Cosmetics has been one of the industry’s hottest and most innovative beauty brands, that has hit the beauty market by storm. When I first learned about It Cosmetics, I was at New York Fashion Week. NO, it wasn’t through celebrity makeup artists or beauty gurus, backstage at the shows, but it was actually on TV in our hotel room in Manhattan. I was the “Stylizing Manager”, and my friend who was the “Model Manager”, from the former fashion show production company we worked for, were lounging after a fun (and long) night of Fashion and mingling with “The Beautiful People”, when we saw an infomercial on TV for “It Cosmetics; Bye Bye Pores Concealer”. We both looked at each other and screamed, “OMG we need to order this! STAT!”… AND just for the record, I don’t buy stuff from infomercials; But this informercial, and the groundbreaking results that this concealer claimed, was EXTREMELY CONVINCING.

After we got back from Fashion Week, I went to Ulta to purchase a new mascara, and it just so happens that a good friend of mine, was the brand rep for It Cosmetics. I played with their concealers and CC creams, and eventually bought the “Hello Lashes! Mascara”. After that…. It Cosmetics BLEW UP. From their AMAZING makeup brushes, to their celebrated “Celebration Foundation”, L’Oreal, eventually bought the company for 1.2 Billion Dollars IN CASH, according to Bloomberg. CASH. Wow. When L’Oreal is willing to purchase a company for 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS IN CASH, you know it’s a BIG DEAL. And ever since, It Cosmetics, hasn’t disappointed with their innovative line of beauty products and tools.

The newest line of It Cosmetics makeup brushes, is the “Heavenly Skin” line, which claims to actually provide anti-aging results THROUGH MAKEUP BRUSHES. It sounds a little far fetched, but It Cosmetics claims to provide, “Collagen, Peptides, Antioxidants, Silk, and Niacin” through the makeup brushes’ silk fiber “hairs”. While the claims sound over the top, these features certainly can’t HURT your skin. But anti-aging brush fibers ARE over the top, and even though It Cosmetics claims these benefits to be true, the truth is, in order to deliver TRUE anti-aging benefits to your skin, your pores must absorb the collagen and peptides, as well as the antioxidants. Swiping a makeup brush on your face once a day, won’t really do the trick. You need to let those beneficial ingredients actually SIT on your face to work.

Collagen, peptides, antioxidants, and niacin, also are light and air sensitive. So once oxygen and light hit these “beneficial” anti-aging ingredients, the effectiveness of the ingredients will diminish. Even if you store your brush in the tube that it comes with, having the brush in the open air, and in the sunlight (and let’s be real; NO ONE is going to do their foundation in the dark), will diminish the effectiveness, every single time you take it out. And not to mention, the packaging is clear, not opaque, so chances are the brush has already seen sunlight during shipping, unpacking, and on the shelf. So basically, these benefits are just part of a gimmicky, anti-aging trend, that EVERY makeup and beauty brand is adopting. I’m not saying it’s a bad brush, because it works quite well, but don’t expect a full skin, “come to Jesus”, skin changing results from this line.


heavenly skin 3
Great Brush or Gimmicky???


In fact, It Cosmetics, seems to have an array of problems, exactly like this, in EVERY anti-aging product they seem to offer. “Confidence in a Cream” is packaged in jar packaging. And even though the actual cream is full of skin benefits and leaves your skin feeling super soft, every time you take off the lid and put your hands in the cream, bacteria, air, and light, contaminates the key ingredients. The “Confidence in an Eye Cream” has the exact same issues. If these were both packaged in pump style packaging, (with the same opaque plastic that they use), the effectiveness would probably TRIPLE. I really wish, It Cosmetics, would get that packaging thing down….

It Cosmetics also claims that the “Cruelty Free and pro-hygienic hair, is appropriate for even the most sensitive skin types.” Cruelty Free is something I ALWAYS will appreciate. And the soft brush hair is always a bonus, because I have sensitive skin, and not to mention, the silky fibers pick up makeup quite well. But the thing that caught my eye the most was the actual design of the brush. I’ve never seen a brush like this, so I HAD TO BUY IT. It’s “Brand-new dual technology reaches every curve of your face, and allows you to easily control how much coverage you want”. You supposedly “press harder” to obtain “fuller coverage”, but I didn’t see those results. The design of the brush, DOES achieve airbrushed looking, even, soft, blurred imperfection, coverage.

heavenly 2
Innovative Design of the #703 Heavenly Skin Full Coverage Foundation Brush

This is a great makeup brush for full coverage POWDER FOUNDATION. With that being said, I tried using liquid foundation with this brush, (like the website says you can), and I did one half of my face using liquid foundation with the #703 brush, and then used my It Cosmetics “Buffing Foundation Brush” with my Lorac Porefection Powder. I then used my Ulta “Angled Foundation Brush”, on the other half of my face with my liquid foundation, and then the #703 brush with my Lorac Porefection Powder. The #703 brush DEFINITELY delivered as far as POWDER FOUNDATION GOES. But I wouldn’t recommend this for liquid foundation. The brush is too big to cover tricky areas, like eyes, lips, and nose, and it doesn’t “press liquid foundation in to your pores” like a Beauty Blender, Silicone Applicator, or Angled Foundation Brush can. It also didn’t give me even coverage with Liquid Foundation; which was a huge bummer, because I was excited to use this brush as a Liquid Foundation Brush….

The Heavenly Skin Full Coverage Foundation Brush #703, is also expensive for a brush. It’s between $48 and $58 (depending on where you buy it) and that’s quite a lot of money for ONE brush. Especially when it’s a brush that doesn’t work like advertised. Like I said, the results of powder foundation were GREAT, but as far as anti-aging goes, it’s a let down. You can buy a full set of It Cosmetics for Ulta Brushes for $58, so why would your spend the money on ONE BRUSH when you could get 4 to 7 brushes with the same quality???

it brush sets
It Cosmetics Brush Set $48


As far as It Cosmetics Makeup Brushes go, I’ve NEVER been disappointed. Ever. Like I said, this brush is a great brush. It’s just not cost effective or different (aside from the “innovative” design) than other It Cosmetics Brushes. I’d rather splurge and get the 5 piece “Velvet Luxe” set for $98. Those are just as soft, and you get 5 for the price of 2 #703’s…. And I really wish I would have gotten that brush set instead of the #703. But…. you live and learn. I just need to be aware of all of the gimmicky anti-aging claims, and “miracle” makeup brushes out there, that are costly, but don’t make a difference as far as makeup application goes….


velvet luxe
It Cosmetics for Ulta Velvet Luxe 5 Piece Brush Set: $98


All in all I give the #703 Brush 1.5 out of 5 stars. The application of POWDER FOUNDATION (which the website states LIQUID FOUNDATION can be applied with the #703 brush) is great. But the anti-aging claims are outlandish, the pricing is way too high, and the liquid foundation application finish is disappointing. There’s also no way that the beneficial ingredients in the fibers, can actually be effective for anti-aging. And the “patent-pending” dual technology doesn’t give you fuller coverage than any other “Buffing Foundation” Brush from It Cosmetics, can. So save the time and money, and go with the “Velvet Luxe” brushes, if you’re in the market for a new Foundation Brush.

And just an FYI; I really don’t TRY to look for negatives in beauty products. I try to look for the positives while presenting facts. I just could’t rate this brush any higher, because of the gimmicky claims and high price point.


Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!


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