*Spotlight* Morphe Brushes (and Beauty) & Beauty Creations; The Beauty Industry’s Low Priced Go To(s)…

Hello, Beauties!

Today I want to talk about the beauty industry’s explosion of lower price scaled makeup and beauty brands. There has been a huge trend of companies that offer low price options from everything like makeup brush sets, eyeshadow palettes, contouring kits, etc. And I’m not talking about your regular drugstore makeup brands. I’m talking about brands that offer high quality makeup items that every beauty buff needs to complete their never-ending collection of beauty products.  The lower price scale is making the art of looking beautiful, more affordable and easier to obtain. Even Beauty Bloggers like Jaclyn Hill and Carli Bybel are coming out with their own collections via Morphe and BH Cosmetics (I will talk about BH Cosmetics in a future post).

denis pederson

At first I was hesitant to purchase from these companies; I mean with the prices being so low, I didn’t really expect high quality. But I was wrong. And I am, for once in my life, happy that I was wrong. The companies I will spotlight today, are my two favorites; Morphe Brushes (Cosmetics) and Beauty Creations. So read my reviews, thoughts, and about my absolute favorite products, these two companies have to offer!

Morphe Brushes (& Beauty):


Morphe Brushes (& Beauty) is a beauty brand that has taken the beauty industry by storm, offering low priced makeup brush sets, 35 color eyeshadow palettes, 12 color contouring and blush palettes, and gorgeous glow kits. Morphe’s low prices are what makes them so popular, but it doesn’t mean the products are low in quality, just because of their low price scale. I have been reading reviews about Morphe for over a year now, and I finally bit the bullet and purchased an eyeshadow palette.

“Bronzed Mocha” Eyeshadow Palette $18 http://www.morphebrushes.com

I purchased the 35W Eyeshadow Palette, ($23 http://www.morphebrushes.com) which is a peach based palette with coppery browns, golds, and some pops of smoked plums, which Morphe describes as “The Warm” palette. It has one matte bubblegum pink shade, which is similar to the Too Faced color, “Cherry Cordial”, in Too Faced Cosmetics“Chocolate Bar” Eyeshadow Palette. It’s a mix of matte and shimmer finish eyeshadows, but if you want just matte finishes, you can purchase the 35N Eyeshadow Palette ($23 http://www.morphebrushes). 

Morphe 35W Eyeshadow Palette $23 http://www.morphebrushes.com

The palette is great quality over all. The pigment is fairly high, and the matte shades seem to contain a bit more pigment than the shimmer eyeshadows (which is fairly normal). The eyeshadow goes on smooth, and you get a good amount of color in just one swipe. It also layers well, and can be layered into a more striking or bold look. It also blends extremely well, and can be removed with ease with a blurring brush if any eyeshadow falls on to your cheeks or foundation. The color assortment is beautiful and numerous, which includes 35 colors to choose from in the palette, with over 12 great highlighting shades for your brow bone. You can also wet your makeup brush with water or shadow primer, for a more pigmented and heavy application. Any good eyeshadow brush (no matter what shape) will pick up the color from the shadows extremely well.

Morphe 350 Eyeshadow Palette $23 http://www.morphebrushes.com

Overall, Morphe’s eyeshadow palettes are a great buy! 35 eyeshadows for $23 are a good deal, and I wasn’t expecting the type of quality they deliver! Of course beauty brands like NARS, M.A.C, Sephora, Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Marc Jacobs deliver more pigment than Morphe (because these brands are top rated in pigmentation and color), but Morphe is far better in quality and pigmentation than other expensive brands like Clinique, Bare Minerals, and even Jane Iredale.

35F Eyeshadow Palette $23 http://www.morphebrushes.com

Other palettes that Morphe offers that are all around gorgeous and a perfect addition to any makeup collection are as follows;

  • 350: Nature Glow (matte & shimmer)
  • 350S Nature Glow (shimmer)
  • 350M Nature Glow (matte)
  • 35F Fall Into Frost (matte & shimmer)
  • 35T Taupe (matte & shimmer)
  • 35R Ready, Set, Glow! (matte & shimmer)
  • 35K Koffee (matte & shimmer)
  • 3502 Second Nature (matte & shimmer)
  • 35P Plum (matte & shimmer)
  • 25A Copper Spice (matte & shimmer)
  • 25B Bronzed Mocha (matte & shimmer)
  • 12Z Zodiac Smokey Eye (shimmer)
  • 12NB Natural Beauty- Pick Me Up Collection (matte & shimmer)
  • 12S Soul of Summer- Pick Me Up Collection (shimmer)
  • 35E It’s Bling (shimmer)
  • 35B Color Glam (matte & shimmer) (out of stock)
  • 12P Picasso- Pick Me Up Collection (matte) (out of stock)
  • The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette (matte & shimmer)


The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette by Morphe Cosmetics $38 http://www.morphebrushes.com (photo: bustle.com)


Morphe also offers makeup brushes, and makeup brush sets, which are set at a lower price scale, but are high quality. Sable, Vegan, Badger, and Ultra-Soft Synthetic, are the brush fiber finishes to choose from. Ultra-Soft Synthetic is my personal favorite for ANY makeup brush fiber. Not only is Ultra-Soft Synthetic extremely soft on your skin, but it also picks up product very well, and is best for an even, smooth, and flawless makeup application. I used to use M.A.C Makeup Brushes, and I still do use them occasionally, but I’ve found that other makeup brush brands that use Ultra-Soft Synthetic Fibers, are softer on my skin…. especially when it comes to powder foundation brushes. Some examples of beauty brand’s offering brushes with Ultra-Soft Synthetic Fibers are as follow;

  • Morphe (Ultra-Soft Synthetic Line)
  • It Cosmetics (Heavenly Skin Line & Velvet Luxe Line)
  • BH Cosmetics (Rose Quartz Line & Dot Line)
  • Too Faced (Teddy Bear Hair Line)
  • Urban Decay
  • Kaizm
  • Luxey
  • Naked 3 Brush Set 
  • Natasha Denonan Brush Set
  • Tarte Unicorn Brush Set
  • Kat Von D’s Brush Line

Synthetic Makeup Brushes are not only Vegan (most) and Cruelty Free, but they are also extremely affordable (Morphe’s 7 Piece Ultra-Soft Synthetic is only $14). They are also excellent for sensitive skin. AND I’ve noticed that when using Ultra-Soft Synthetic, my skin isn’t “scratched” or “irritated” by rough brush hairs.

Soft Synthetic
Ultra-Soft Synthetic Brush Set $14 http://www.morphebrushes.com

All in all, Morphe is a great, affordable, high quality company that deserves a second look, if you haven’t considered it before now. I give them 4 out of 5 stars, overall, with 1 point being lost because the pigment has a little wiggle room to improve, but seriously, EVERY beauty brand has room for improvement. I know that I was very surprised by the quality of the products. Especially the quality of pigment in the product. I will definitely be purchasing more palettes and trying out the glow kits and blush palettes.


Beauty Creations:


Beauty Creations is one of my new favorite beauty brands. I started seeing their products on Instagram and Poshmark, and like Morphe, seeing that their products were extremely low priced, I was hesitant. But I was extremely pleased with the outcome of Morphe’s products, so I decided to give Beauty Creations a try. Beauty Creations offers low priced 35 color eyeshadow palettes, 9 color eyeshadow palettes, brush sets, primers, contour kits, blush kits, glow kits, lipsticks, concealers, setting powders, and highlighters. They also offer their own version of Beauty Blenders (which I don’t recommend- stick to the original), silicone makeup applicators, and even makeup train cases. And the best part? Their 35 color eyeshadow palettes are only $18.99! *WOO HOO*

35 Color Eyeshadow Palettes $18.99 http://www.beautycreationscosmetics.com

I absolutely LOVED the colors in Beauty Creations Boudoir Collection, and I purchased the Boudoir A Eyeshadow Palette ($14.99 http://www.beautycreationscosmetics.com). I was pleasantly surprised. The “Boudoir A” Eyeshadow Palette is a 9 eyeshadow palette collection of sultry reds and burgundy’s, and coppery rose golds, with one matte black eyeshadow for sexy bedroom eyes. The pigment is very good, and any makeup brush will pick up the color with ease. The colors blend like a dream, and you can layer them for a bolder look. These colors are also perfect for Fall.

beauty creations
Boudoir A Palette $14.99 http://www.beautycreationscosmetics.com

They have Urban Decay Naked dupes (1, 2, 3, & Naked Smokey Eye for $9.99), as well as Too Faced “Natural Eye”, and “Naked Eye” dupes (“Totally Nude” & “Bare Naked” Eyeshadow Palettes for $7.99). Beauty Creations also offers a collection called, “The Sweetest Collection”, that is similar to the Too Faced “Sweet Peach Collection”, and the “Chocolate Bar Collection”. It is scented like candy (similar to those Too Faced collections), and offers shades very similar to those Too Faced palettes ($18.99 each). From that same collection, comes a 4 color baked and marbleized highlighting palette (similar to Hourglass Cosmetics Bronzers and Highlighters) called, “Baked Pops”, ($14.99 http://www.beautycreationscosmetics.com) which is SOLD OUT due to popularity.

sweet 2
Beauty Creations “The Sweetest” Collection $14.99 – $18.99 http://www.beautycreationscosmetics.com

I’m not saying to stop buying from Urban Decay, Too Faced, Hourglass, etc. (because those brands are some of my all time favorites). But I am letting you know that there are cheaper options for my beauties on a budget (and I haven’t really talked about lower price scale brands before). Other beauty brand palette dupes that they offer are “The Nudes” (a dupe for The Balm Cosmetics for $11.99), “Butterfly” and “Irresistible” Eyeshadow Palettes (dupes for Lorac Los Angeles “Unzipped” and “Unzipped Gold” Eyeshadow Palettes $12.99 each OR both for $19.99). And while Too Faced, Urban Decay, Hourglass, The Balm, and ESPECIALLY Lorac offer more pigment in their colors, (hence the price) Beauty Creations offers a more affordable way for bloggers, beauty buffs, and makeup artists to build their collections.

Beauty Creations “Tease Me” Eyeshadow Palette $12.99 http://www.beautycreationscosmetics.com

Another Beauty Creations product I tried was Beauty Creations Matte Lipstick. They are packaged in a tube that links extremely similar to M.A.C’s Giambattisa Valli Lipstick Line. It’s in a twist up tube, with bullet like lipstick. You can apply it straight from the tube, or use a Lip Brush to apply it. The matte lipstick is highly pigmented and extremely matte in feeling and finish. It applies very smoothly and I found that it’s easiest with a Lip Brush, because the formula is so matte. But the formula is extremely similar to M.A.C’s matte lipstick, and it’s only a quarter of the price ($4.99 http://www.beautycreationscosmetics.com). The lipstick comes in an assortment of shades, including some of the truest, most gorgeous nude colors, that I’ve seen. They also have beautiful mauves, blush pinks, peaches, reds, dark reds, and burgundys. This lipstick is high quality for a low price. (LOWER prices than lipstick from Drug Store brands, as well). And even if you don’t use solid lipstick and have switched to liquid lipstick, there is a full liquid lipstick line from Beauty Creations as well, including liquid to matte, liquid metallic to matte, long wear gloss finishes, and long wear gloss to matte finishes. AND, like their “Matte Lipstick” line, they are ALL just $4.99. They even are offering their ENTIRE “Matte Lipstick” line for just $84.99 on http://www.beautycreationscosmetics.com.

Matte Lipstick Collection $84.99 (set) or $4.99 (one lipstick) http://www.beautycreationscosmetics.com

All in all, Beauty Creations gets 4 out of 5 stars from me. Like Morphe, there IS room for improvement on the pigmentation in the eyeshadow, BUT every beauty brand has room for improvement. There is a reason that the top three pigmentation beauty brands are more expensive than others, (Marc Jacobs, Kat Von D, & Sephora). And for the price??? You can’t go wrong. Especially with a lipstick quality that is almost identical to M.A.C!

Both of these awesome beauty brands are worth the hype that they both have been receiving over Instagram, YouTube, etc. Seriously. I am so glad that I found these beauty brands, and my husband’s wallet is happy too! I can’t wait to order more palettes from Morphe, and more lipsticks from Beauty Creations! These brands are makeup GOLD when it comes to quality for a low price. DEFINITELY worth checking out!


Have A Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!


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