THE Red Lipstick of the Season: M.A.C Cosmetics Cremesheen Lipstick in “Dare You”, (and a few other “Holiday Hues” to try out).

Hello, Beauties!

Happy Holidays! I cannot believe that it’s already December 12th! WOW! This month has flown by, and since we are approaching “The Holidays”, quickly, I’d like to share my absolute FAVORITE shade of red lipstick for the season, (plus a few more running in close 2nd)!

“The Holidays” are simply magical. There are Holiday parties to attend, snow falling, warm fires, hot cocoa, lights everywhere, Holiday music playing, and LOTS of chances to *sparkle*.  Not to mention the warm, fuzzy feeling of love and togetherness, along with the “Holiday Spirit” of giving. The color RED is a classic staple for “The Holidays”. You simply cannot go wrong with a shade of red hued lipstick, because the colors of the season compliment red extremely well. Though I love a good shade of red lipstick year round, there’s something about a deep, brownish-red, that makes it feel like “The Holidays”. That’s why I am naming “Dare You” by M.A.C Cosmetics ($17.50, THE RED LIPSTICK OF THE SEASON.

dare you


M.A.C Cremesheen Lipstick in “Dare You”: $17.50

“Dare You”, is one of M.A.C’s “Cremesheen” lipsticks; which means it’s a, “balmy lipstick formula, with a comforting feel, medium buildable coverage, and a semi-glossy finish”, (via It’s literally, THE PERFECT SHADE OF RED. It looks GORGEOUS on any skin tone, and doesn’t wash you out, look too extreme, and can be layered on for intensity. This hue isn’t a “blue-ish” toned red either, so it’s great for cool or warm skin tones. I mean look at the picture below; ( The top picture, which features a cool/neutral skin tone, looks absolutely FABULOUS. The warmer skin tone (pictured in the middle) looks AMAZING, and this red lipstick hue, makes her warm skin tone look FLAWLESS. And the darker skin tone that’s pictured on the very bottom? “Dare You” looks so gorgeous, and the brown tones in the red look even bolder! This lipstick could be worn every day with her skin tone, and no one would EVER complain! It’s just THAT great of a red lipstick!

dare you 3
M.A.C Cosmetics Cremesheen Lipstick in “Dare You”. $17.50

Since M.A.C’s “Cremesheen Lipstick” has a semi glossy finish, I suggest pairing it with a lip liner, to prevent feathering or color bleeds. The texture of a lip pencil, which has a matte finish, will lock in the lipstick on your lips, and it will also add a plumping factor to the finish. You can also line and contour your lips, and blend in the lipstick with a lipstick brush, (M.A.C Lip Brush #316 $20 or straight from the color bullet. The two lip pencils that I recommend from M.A.C are A) M.A.C Lip Pencil in “Redd”($17.50, which is described as a “clearly red” toned lip pencil, and B) M.A.C Lip Pencil in “Brick” ($17.50, which is an “intense golden red”. “Brick” is more of a muted brown toned red, while “Redd” is a “true” red, which doesn’t have blue, brown, or golden tones, so it will work with other shades of red lipsticks, as well. If you have a warm skin tone, or a darker skin tone, I’d go with “Brick”. But if you have a lighter or cool skin tone, I’d go with “Redd”. It just depends on what kind of color tone you like the best, but the best thing about “Dare You”, is the deep brownish red color payoff, you get from application.

dare you 2
M.A.C Cremesheen Lipstick in “Dare You”. $17.50


M.A.C Matte Lipstick in “Studded Kiss”: $17.50

If you already own and love, “Dare You”, and you are looking to try other gorgeous REDS this season, there are a few more REDS that are (almost) as gorgeous as “Dare You”. One of them is also from M.A.C and the color is “Studded Kiss”. This red, is a shade darker than “Dare You”, and has a matte finish. In case you aren’t familiar with the difference between M.A.C’s lipstick finishes, the matte finish lipsticks are “creamy rich lipsticks with high color payoff, in a no shine matte finish”, according to (and according to personal use and testimony). “Studded Kiss” is a “dark oxblood red”, which is similar to the brownish red that “Dare You” offers. For those who love extremely deep red lipsticks (myself included) “Studded Kiss” is an absolutely gorgeous option.

M.A.C Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in “Studded Kiss”. $17.50


“Studded Kiss” goes with either two M.A.C Lip Pencil in “Brick” and “Redd”, or you can use a plum Lip Pencil, like M.A.C’s “Nightmoth” Lip Pencil (all three Lip Pencils can be purchased at for $17.50 each), for an even deeper red effect, or depending on how much “Nightmoth” you use, a deep Burgundy can be achieved. Straight from the color bullet or applied with a brush, the color payoff will be equally gorgeous. Since this does have a matte finish, it won’t bleed as much as other lipstick finishes will, but lining your lips just gives you a bolder, and more polished finish. This shade will also look great on ANY skin tone; warm, cool, or neutral. And the finish is not only matte, but extremely rich and creamy. Celebs like Lily Collins, and Scarlett Johansson have made this color a staple in their daily makeup wardrobes. And this gorgeous color can be worn during the day for a pop of color in a neutral based Winter Wardrobe, or it can be worn during the night for an elegant and classic “vampy” look. Either way, you will look like you spent a little extra time during your beauty routine, which is always a bonus, for girls on the go.


M.A.C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in “Carnivorous”: $21.00

If you aren’t a cream lipstick kind of beauty, and you like liquid lipsticks better, you need to try M.A.C’s Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor ($21.00 in “Carnivorous”. “Carnivorous” is a blackened red, which means you will still get a deep red color payoff. The Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor is a liquid lipstick that has, “a splash of color in a liquid suede finish that lingers”, according to The only part I don’t agree with, is that a “splash” of color makes it sound like a frost lipstick, but really, you get a rich, pigmented, high color payoff with this lipstick. The Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick, also comes in tube like packaging with an applicator wand, so you don’t need a lip brush to apply the color, unless you like applying lip color with a lip brush instead of the wand. The wand does provide a precise application, but if you want to use a lip brush, then I suggest using M.A.C’s Lip Brush in #316. ($20.00 This color can be layered on like all of M.A.C’s lip colors, but since the formula is extremely matte, you honestly will only need one to two layers. Anymore layering can cause the matte formula to cake and crack (like any matte finish liquid lipstick). But one to two layers is absolutely perfect, and even with a matte finish, the application finish looks rich and creamy. Another positive thing about liquid lipstick (especially in a matte finish) is that you don’t usually need to line your lips to prevent feathering or color bleeds. BUT lining your lips will provide a more precise application and give your lips a fuller look. M.A.C’s Lip Pencil in “Brick” ($17.50 is perfect for this blackened red, and can be used to line or contour the lips.

Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in “Carnivorous”. $21.00


Any of these gorgeous, deep reds, will be a hit at ANY Holiday Party or event. M.A.C does a great job offering different hued reds to wear any season. But these three colors scream “Happy Holidays”, and if you’ve been in the market for a deep red, you definitely need to try one of these out! Pair a deep red lip with a golden based eye, and you will look like a little slice of Christmas Cake!


Happy Holidays, Beauties!



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