*Review* Fenty Beauty “Stunna Lip Paint”: The Perfect Universal Red?

Hello, Beauties!

I know I’ve done a post recently about the best RED LIPSTICK SHADES for The Holidays. But just bare with me… Because I must tell you about Rihanna’s FENTY BEAUTY “Stunna Lip Paint”. I’m just that obsessed with this product! Seriously…

Fenty Beauty hit the Beauty Industry by storm. Fenty’s “Pro Filt’r Foundation”, has been selling out at Sephora’s all over The United States, since Fenty Beauty launched. Why? Because the extremely wide array of shade selections; ESPECIALLY for all of my darker skinned beauties! Not only is the “Pro Filt’r Foundation”, a great foundation option, offering medium to full coverage, with long wearing properties, and good for all skin types, but Fenty doesn’t discriminate against ANYONE, which is why I’m so intrigued and impressed by this brand. NO BEAUTY SHOULD EVER BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST IN THE WORLD OF MAKEUP. Ever. Period. But aside from the wide array of shades, and great foundation, Fenty also came out with some of the most GORGEOUS “Killawatt Highlighters” EVER. Fenty also launched a “Universal” colored “Gloss Bomb”, which looks great on ANY skin tone. It’s the perfect gloss to blend a lip contour, give your lip color some extra dimension, or bring out the perfect pout. But there’s one product which I was given as a Christmas gift, that I am absolutely in awe of. And while I will be doing separate reviews for Fenty’s “Killawatt Highlighters/Duos”, I think that Fenty’s “Stunna Lip Paint”, deserves it’s very own blog post.

Fenty Beauty http://www.fentybeauty.com

Let me just start off by saying that Fenty’s “Stunna Lip Paint” ($24 http://www.fentybeauty.com) is the PERFECT liquid lipstick. The “paint” AKA liquid lipstick, is the perfect texture and it’s extremely easy to apply. One stroke provides maximum pigment, for a bright, intense, bold color. “Stunna Lip Paint” comes in ONE beautiful, eye brightening, skin tone adapting, bold but not harsh, strikingly gorgeous, universal red called, “Uncensored”. It dries to a matte finish, but like a lot of other liquid lipsticks, it doesn’t crack, cake, or worst of all, dry out your lips. Like AT ALL. I even layered it on to see if it would cake, crack, or smear… And guess what?? It DIDN’T. My lips didn’t dry out (which is why liquid lipstick tends to crack, which then makes for an uneven finish when you layer the liquid lipstick on your lips to fill in the missing lipstick, which then provides a caked on, uneven, EVEN MORE dried out finish). I didn’t even use a lip liner with the “Lip Paint”. I didn’t need to… Although lining your lips for maximum color and pout effect is usually necessary, this formula is so pigmented and so perfect, that you don’t have to worry about color transferring (or feathering, but more about that in a minute). It’s long wearing, non transferring effect, even impressed my husband! He HATES when he kisses me, and my lipstick transfers to his lips, or if we share a drink, and my lipstick gets EVERYWHERE on the bottle, can, mug, cup, etc. (which happens pretty regularly). And for my husband to actually vocalize his love for my lipstick formula is kind of a big deal.

stunna 4
Fenty Beauty “Stunna Lip Paint” in “Uncensored”. $24 http://www.fentybeauty.com

The fact that “Stunna Lip Paint” stays “liquid” long enough to smooth out any mistakes while using a highly pigmented lip color like this, is great! There’s NOTHING worse than “smearing” your liquid lip color (or solid lipstick for that matter) and then having to literally SCRUB the pigment off of your freshly made up face. The formula is silky and glides on with ease. Which is a DREAM for any matte lipstick fan, who knows how hard matte finish lipsticks can be to apply sometimes… (think M.A.C’s “Ruby Woo” which is EXTREMELY MATTE), but then after the silky formula is applied perfectly, it dries to a gorgeous, long wearing, non transferable matte finish. And the drying time is quick, but not too quick, which lets you fix any mistakes (which are easy to be made using liquid lip colors; LET’S BE HONEST) and assuring you won’t be  getting the lip color EVERYWHERE because it’s taking so long to dry… I just can’t believe how easy this formula is to work with. I’ve noticed a lot of liquid lip colors are so matte that they dry almost immediately, once applied. And then that makes layering the color, hard to do, because then it starts to cake. Then it dries out your lips and you’re stuck with a mess (which is why I’ve had a hard time completely transforming my lip color collection to liquid).

The “Stunna Lip Paint” is packaged in a twist off, “nail polish” like bottle, with a long silver wand, which holds the high quality sponge-tipped wand for application (think Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquer packaging). Usually I switch to a lipstick brush and avoid the mess a sponge-tipped applicator can sometimes make, but this wand applicator is PERFECTION. It’s not long applicator, which can make application harder than it needs to be with liquid lipsticks; usually longer applicators don’t fit most people’s lips, AKA they’re longer than the width/height of your lips, so it can mess up application, and it’s a little harder to control. But this applicator is THE PERFECT size. It’s small, but not too small… which gives you a lot more control over the placement of the strokes of color. The wand handle is longer than most applications wands, which ACTUALLY gives you more control of the brush (again think Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquer).

Fenty Beauty “Stunna Lip Paint” in “Uncensored”. $24 http://www.fentybeauty.com

“Stunna Lip Paint” doesn’t feather. AT ALL. Even though the formula glides on with ease, (which makes one tend to think that a formula with that much “slip” would feather), like I mentioned before, it dries quickly, but not too quickly. So you won’t need to line your lips to prevent feathering, which is a HUGE time/money saving benefit…. Save your lip liner for those satin or creamy lipsticks. And the fact that it doesn’t crack, and it’s extremely long wearing, means you won’t spend the time it takes to keep “re-applying” liquid lip colors or lipsticks. Even with some of the most long wearing liquid lipsticks (which is supposed to be the beauty of liquid lipstick) I’ve noticed that you must reapply the product after having a few drinks, eating, kissing, etc. or after a few hours of just the “norm”. So the fact that it’s a TRUE matte/non transferable/non feathering lip color, is a TRUE luxury.

You can still use a lip liner to accentuate or contour your lips, but with the high color payoff, and opaque coverage due to the high pigmentation, you really can’t contour the lips with this formula…. but honestly, you don’t need to. Lip contouring for nude lipsticks or mauve lip colors are great… But “Stunna Lip Paint” is bold and gorgeous all on it’s own. And the universal red is honestly a “Stunna”.

From the perfect liquid lipstick formula, to the user-friendly wand applicator, to the non feathering/non transferrable color, to the matte finish and non drying formula, to the gorgeous color payoff and universal red, I’ve yet to find a better liquid lipstick. I am seriously *PRAYING* that Fenty Beauty decides to release other colors of “Stunna Lip Paint”. Because if Fenty Beauty released a line of nudes, peaches, mauves, and deep reds, I’d switch my ENTIRE lipstick collection over to “Stunna Lip Paint”. And I’m not one to just use ONE brand for any of my beauty/makeup needs. So that’s saying A LOT.

Fenty Beauty http://www.fentybeauty.com

I give Fenty Beauty’s “Stunna Lip Paint”, 5 stars out of 5 stars. AND it’s safe to say that every other product I’ve tried from Fenty Beauty, is ON POINT; Gorgeous, long wearing, high pigment and color payoff, easy to apply with a GORGEOUS finish, and some of the most BEAUTIFUL and skin tone flattering colors and pigments I’ve seen on the market to date. I am so excited to see what Fenty Beauty releases next! Bravo, Fenty Beauty…. BRAVO.

Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!


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