Colourpop’s “Super Shock Shadows” Reign *SUPREME*. Period.

Hello, Beauties!

Today I’m going to be reviewing and talking about the absolutely, super-shocking success of the one and only Colourpop Cosmetics, and their “Super Shock Shadows”. Because let’s face it; Colourpop’s “Super Shock Shadows” reign *SUPREME*. In EVERY. SINGLE. WAY. POSSIBLE. And they are also VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE. Which is kind of a big deal. So why else does Colourpop rule the world of eyeshadows??

Let’s get down to business….



If you haven’t AT LEAST heard about Colourpop Cosmetics and their “Super Shock Shadows”, somewhere down the grapevine, you may have been living under a rock…. in the world of makeup and beauty, that is. These highly pigmented, easy to use, soft n’ creamy, *CRUELTY FREE*, and absolutely gorgeous eyeshadows, GIVE ME LIFE. And all I have to say is, I SO WISH that I would have tried out these eyeshadows, sooner. And the fact that they are $5 a piece?!?! UM WHAT?!?


Colourpop has found “SUPER-SHOCKING” success in the makeup industry. And with all of the emerging and new beauty brands that seem to be coming out on the daily, it’s a little hard to find absolute success in the seemingly flooded beauty market. The only way new beauty brands, and older, more classic brands are finding success, is with either A; An extremely innovative, one of a kind, “can’t live without” product. Or B; Completely re-vamping and starting from scratch, changing up packaging, and some companies even go as far as changing their “Ode To Mom” names to younger, more “hip” company names, with Millennials in mind (AKA Estee’ Lauder with “The Estee’ Edit”, for example). So what has Colourpop been doing right? Let’s just say the creators of this company and their products are absolute makeup marketing/formula GENIUSES. And their “Super Shock Shadows” not only have a certain ring to their name, but as far as pigments and colors go, and not to mention the long wearing, non-irritating formulas are “Super-Shocking” when compared to other eyeshadow brands and formulas on the market. They are cream to powder formulas, but they don’t cake, smear, or crack after they dry. I’ve seriously worn them to bed (DO NOT do that, beauties; Sleeping in makeup is TERRIBLE for you skin) and when I woke up, my eyeshadow looked EXACTLY like it did when I first applied it. I’m not exaggerating. And, like I mentioned before, they are $5 for a single shadow! So not only are they innovative, but they are affordable; a home run when it comes to today’s beauty market!


The “Super Shock Shadows” come in matte, satin, pearlized, ultra glitter, metallic, and ultra metallic finishes. And I’ve tried each finish, and each finish, is highly pigmented, with extreme color payoff. All of those times I’ve had to layer on eyeshadow, and literally DIG out the color on to a makeup brush with other eyeshadows (some three times the dollar amount of a “Super Shock Shadow”) come to mind; and all I can think about is how much time and money I’ve wasted on expensive, mediocre eyeshadows. Now don’t get me wrong; Lorac’s “Unzipped” and “Unzipped Gold” Eyeshadow Palettes are STILL two of my absolute FAVORITE eyeshadow palettes and formulas…. BUT SERIOUSLY… Colourpop takes the cake for wear time and color payoff! Also, as far as product actually lasting a long time?? One sweep of color from a “Super Shock Shadow” is all you need to get bold, long lasting, gorgeous coverage from these shadows. No layering, “digging” or eyeshadow primer needed!


The formula is ultra bouncy- the cream to powder shadow feels like a rich, creamy, little slice of angel food cake. And for the best color payoff, application with (clean and sanitized) fingertips are suggested. BUT since I have nails long enough to prune a rose bush, that’s not happening; So I use a “flat tipped, synthetic, eyeshadow brush”, which Colourpop recommends on their website ( AND the best part (well, one of the best parts) is that since the eyeshadow is cream to powder, you don’t experience eyeshadow falling onto your freshly baked and perfected face of foundation! *Beauties that love dark grey, black, and charcoal “smokey eyes” take note*. Another plus that comes with cream to powder formulas, are the fact that you don’t need eyeshadow primer! The cream clings to skin, but if you have dry skin or dry eyelids, moisturizing and priming is still advised, to ensure there’s no irritation or (even more) drying.



My favorite colors that “Super Shock Shadows” have to offer, are definitely the wide array of reds that Colourpop has to choose from. “Paradox” is a satin finish true red, that looks like a matte finish in the packaging, but when applied has a slight sheen to the finish. “Drift” is another satin that is described as a “True Cranberry”. It’s gorgeous cranberry color is vivid and bright, and brings out brown/honey colored eyes, like no other. Another gorgeous red is “Dynasty”.

“Super Shock Shadow” in “Drift” $5

Aside from all of the gorgeous reds, there are beautiful brow bone highlighting shades, like “Amaze”, “Acorn”, “Tassel”, “Girly”, and “Paisley”. Matte shades are ideal for brow bone highlighting, but if you’re feeling like a Unicorn, go ahead and add a little sparkle to your highlight! And the best things about these formulas (especially for brow bone highlighting) is that they last ALL DAY. Other beauty brands’ brow bone highlighters need to be touched up a lot throughout the day, because the color in brow highlighters are always light and soft. These colors are light and soft as well, but without the fade factor.

“Super Shock Shadow” in “Truth” $5

Colourpop offers their “Super Shock Shadows” in sets/palettes, that you can get on their website; So you get more for your money, which is hardly an issue when it comes to Colourpop. Colourpop offers sets of three, four, and six, in pre-selected, popular, and color complimenting trio’s, etc.  Set of six are usually $20 – $25, and sets of three (limited edition trios) are on sale now, for $10 on Colourpop’s website.


My favorite set of three, is definitely the “Nuts & Berries” collection, which is $10 on “Nuts & Berries” comes with shades, “Amaze”; a pinkish nude hue, that can be used for a brow highlight or blending out your eyeshadow, as well as giving your eye a pop of gorgeous light. “Paradox” is a satin finish true red, that is absolutely GORGEOUS, and is right on point with today’s hottest red shadow trends. “Cheap Date” is a classic yellow hued gold, that is great for the crease of your eye, and blending dark shadows in to light shadows. It’s also great for giving your eyeshadow a pop of gold, or lightening up darker shades.

“Nuts & Berries” Super Shock Shadow Trio $10

Beauty Guru/Makeup Goddess/MUA/Social Media Star, Laura Lee, has collaborated with Colourpop, as well as “No Kill Los Angeles” aka NKLA (a “no kill” shelter and animal rescue group in LA)  released a foursome of “Super Shock Shadows”, under the title, “NKLA X Laura Lee”, which continues to sell out on Colourpop’s website, regularly. The foursome is $18, and if you’re quick, it’s back in stock RIGHT NOW, so hurry and purchase a set while you can! All net sales from Laura Lee X Colourpop collab, (she has two single “Super Shock Shadows” in “Puppy Love” and “Cat Nap” that can only be purchased as single shadows, outside of the foursome) go to “No Kill Los Angeles”, as well as Laura Lee X Colourpop’s Lip Bundle, ($16 which is sold out at the moment. And, THAT IS AMAZING! Last year Laura Lee and Colourpop raised over $250,000 for NKLA. So if you purchase any of the Laura Lee/NKLA/Colourpop products, share them on social media and use #SaveThemAll to join Laura Lee and Colourpop in their movement to save all of the fur babies!



The single shadows and the shadows in the sets are all packaged singularly, in cute, white, vegan/cruelty free packaging, with twist on/off lids. The reason they are all packaged in singles, is because the innovative formula is, again, cream to powder, so lids must be reapplied once you’re done using a “Super Shock Shadow” to prevent the formula from drying out. But seriously, we’re adults… I think we can sacrifice the time and energy (not to mention the task of keeping track of lids) in exchange for affordable, high impact, long wearing, gorgeous eyeshadows, like these! Bottom line? Don’t lose the lids to the “Super Shock Shadows”, because even though they are only $5 per shadow, you should still treat these shadows like liquid/powdered gold. They are just THAT good.



My eyes are extremely sensitive, and either one of my eyes, or both, constantly water on a regular basis. It happens with ANY powder eyeshadow I use, from every brand under the sun. The only eyeshadows that haven’t irritated my eyes or haven’t made them water like crazy, are Colourpop’s “Super Shock Shadows”. I’ve gone to the doctor several times, switched eyelash glues, switched and stopped wearing eyeliners completely, switched to a hypo-allergenic mascara, concealer, setting powder, and foundation, and I’ve switched eyelash brands SEVERAL TIMES. I even stopped wearing false eyelashes unless I was going to go out. NOTHING HELPED. My doctor told me I was allergic to something, but I honestly never even considered that it was the formula/type of eyeshadow I was using. Sure enough, as soon as I tried the amazing, “Super Shock Shadows”, my eyes stopped watering completely! Even when I have lashes, eyeliner, concealer, eyeshadow primer, mascara, and “Super Shock Shadows” etc. layered on my eyes, they STILL do not water. Which is the BEST thing ever. I’m assuming it’s because of the cream to powder formula, and because these formulas have ZERO fallout problems. YAY!


So, my beauties, if you are just as obsessed with bold, highly pigmented, perfect, long wearing eyeshadow looks, YOU MUST TRY COLOURPOP’S “SUPER SHOCK SHADOWS”!! You will absolutely fall in love, and not only will you be able to purchase three times the amount of colors and shadows from Colourpop, for the money, but your eyeshadow application time will be cut in half, you won’t have to waste time on touch ups through the day and night, and just ONE “Super Shock Shadow” will last you twice as long as a regular eyeshadow, due to the high pigmentation and color payoff that you get from one swipe of your fingertip or makeup brush….

You’re Welcome.

Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!




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