Bad Habit: The Latest Trending Makeup Company That Is Worth A Second Look.

Hello, Beauties!

It’s been awhile, and I sincerely apologize, but LIFE HAPPENS! Am I right?! With that being said, I’m back with LOTS of new products to review, and lots of beauty tips and tricks! At least in my down time, I was able to shop A LOT, and come back with an insane amount of product knowledge, as well as the latest beauty products to review! SO, without hesitation, let’s get down to business!

Today’s review is all about affordable makeup company, Bad Habit. At first, I admit, I just thought it was another cheap Beauty Brand, that was/is trying to copy today’s latest trending eyeshadow palettes…. And I admit, I was wrong. VERY WRONG.  So get excited, because this is an extremely wonderful find!

Bad Habit’s “Aphrodite” Palette $16

Bad Habit was created in 2016, “by a team of creatives and professional makeup artists”, according to So they are pretty new as a company, and you can only purchase their products in select boutiques, and at (at least for now). Hopefully we will be able to purchase Bad Habit products on their website soon, but for now, “Hush” has a website AND an app. So no big deal! AND THEY ARE CRUELTY FREE, as well as locally distributed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California, (‘MERICA).

Bad Habit’s “Royals” Palette $12 on

Bad Habit offer’s an array of eyeshadow palettes that are more than worthy dupes for palettes that beauty brands’ like Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte, Huda Beauty, and even Natasha Denona, offer. When I first saw these palettes on Beauty/Makeup App, “Hush”, I was skeptical. Bad Habit’s “Inferno” Eyeshadow Palette (dupe for Urban Decay’s “Naked Heat” palette, and Tarte’s “Toasted” palette), is only $12, and other palettes like “After Hours” (dupe to Huda Beauty’s “Mauve Obsessions” palette) are only $10. They also offer a few highlighting palettes, (“Oasis”, “Paradise”, and “Rose”) that are priced at $10 each. It seemed too good to be true, honestly. But I decided to order a few palettes and try them out! And I’m so glad I did!

Bad Habit’s “Athena” Palette $16 on

Firstly, Bad Habit’s eyeshadow palettes are EXTREMELY PIGMENTED…. EXTREMELY, which is a rare find in the business of affordable beauty brands. Most affordable beauty brand’s offer palettes that have so/so pigmentation; which is the very reason they are so affordable. But NOT Bad Habit. Each of Bad Habit’s eyeshadows in every palette, are TRUE to color. It’s such a bummer when eyeshadows’ are a “sheer” version of the color offered in the palette (I’m looking at YOU, Urban Decay!). Kidding…. (kind of). But let me tell you, each color offered from Bad Habit, goes on EXACTLY how it looks in the eyeshadow pan. FINALLY! An affordable eyeshadow palette, that is ridiculously pigmented! AND not to mention, affordable highlighting kits that are true to color!

Bad Habit “After Hours” Eyeshadow Palette: 




Huda Beauty is one of my favorite, trending beauty brands. BUT if you’re looking for something a little bit more affordable, (Huda Beauty’s “Mauve Obsessions” palette is $27 on, without sacrificing quality, Bad Habit’s “After Hours” Eyeshadow Palette is for you. Just like Huda’s “Mauve Obsessions” palette, “After Hours” offers nine, highly pigmented, eyeshadows. The colors offered are EXACTLY like Huda’s “Mauve Obsessions” palette. The colors are as follow;

  • “Powder Room”- a soft, matte finished, pink-hued white.
  • “Hickey”- a matte finished, deep-toned, burgundy.
  • “Clutch”- a satin/sparkle finished, light mauve.
  • “Gossip”- a satin/sparkle finished, true mauve.
  • “Lustful”- a matte finished, deep-toned beige.
  • “Flushed”- a matte finished, true mauve.
  • “Wine Stain”- a matte finished, deeper-toned brown.
  • “Eye Contact”- a satin/sparkle finished, lighter/mid-toned mauve.
  • “Cabernet”- a matte finished, pink-hued, deep red.




Not only is the “After Hours” eyeshadow palette affordable, but the pigmentation is on point. “Cabernet”, even slightly stained my eyelids after a night out (which was easy to remove with eye makeup remover). The formula is, again, cruelty free, and the colors are TRUE. Whether you want to create a soft, trending, “blushed” eyeshadow look, or a dark burgundy/mauve smoked eye, this palette can be used all on it’s own, or you can add it with other colors from other eyeshadow palettes, etc. to customize a gorgeous color or look, that’s one of a kind.



Bad Habit “Inferno” Eyeshadow Palette:



Bad Habit’s “Inferno” Eyeshadow Palette is right on point with today’s red, fiery, eyeshadow trend. “Inferno” is very similar to Tarte’s “Toasted” Eyeshadow Palette, and Urban Decay’s “Naked Heat” Eyeshadow Palette. It’s the perfect dupe! And not to mention, Bad Habit’s pigmentation is A LOT better than Urban Decay’s surprisingly. What you see is what you get, when you open up the “Inferno” Eyeshadow Palette. Gorgeous coppers, fiery reds, gold hued bronzes, and every color you would ever need to complete a gorgeous red-based eyeshadow look. The color’s are as follow;

  • “White Hot”- a satin finished, golden-based white.
  • “Baked”- a matte finished, true beige.
  • “Lit”- a satin/sparkle finished, orange based copper.
  • “Blaze”- a satin/sparkle finished fiery red.
  • “Warmth”- a matte finished muted beige.
  • “Smolder”- a matte finished brown based, burgundy.
  • “Glow”- a matte finished, muted, soft orange.
  • “Flames”- a satin/sparkly finished light burgundy.
  • “Bonfire”- a matte finished yellow based red.
  • “Hot Spot”- a red based orange.
  • “Ignite”- a satin/sparkle finished red based brown.

This eyeshadow palette, now makes a regular appearance in my daily makeup routine. From “White Hot”, which is the perfect brow bone highlighter, to “Blaze”, which is the perfect, blend-able red, has added flare to my beauty routine. It’s hard for me, NOT to go crazy with my makeup on the daily, when these shades are so tempting to layer on. Whether you pair your look with a red lip, or a nude, you’re eyes are going to pop, no matter what color your gorgeous peepers, are.

Famous Beauty Bloggers like Carli Bybel, By Brookelle, and celebs like Kylie Jenner, are all rocking a red based eye, and it’s palettes like Bad Habit’s “Inferno” that makes that trending look, effortless to achieve. Each shade is ridiculously pigmented, but easy to blend, which usually, we have to choose between one benefit or the other (but now we can have both!).



Even though Bad Habit, is widely known for their array of “dupes” they distribute, they are an extremely reputable company, that is made up of professional makeup artists, and other creative minds, that want every beauty to be, “unapologetic to who they are”. Which I kind of LOVE. Embracing one’s unique-ness, is part of our journey to unconditional self love; no matter what gender, color, size, height, weight, race, etc. With that being said, here is a full list of “dupes” that this awesome, affordable, bad ass, makeup company offers, in not only cases where you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but when you just want a high quality eyeshadow palette that is discontinued, or sold out.

P.S. You’re welcome….


Bad Habit’s “Solstice” Palette $16



Bad Habit Beauty “Dupes”:

$10 – $16 at


  • Huda Beauty Textured Shadow Rose Gold Edition:
    • Bad Habit Beauty “Aphrodite” Eyeshadow Palette
  • Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Shadow Palette:
    • Bad Habit Beauty’s “Athena” Eyeshadow Palette
  • Natasha Denona’s “Lila Palette”:
    • Bad Habit Beauty’s “Supernova” Palette
  • Natasha Denona’s “Sunset Palette”:
    • Bad Habit Beauty’s “Solstice” Palette
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills’ “Subculture” Palette:
    • Bad Habit’s “Retro Love” Palette
  • Urban Decay’s “Naked Heat” Palette:
    • Bad Habit Beauty’s “Inferno” Palette
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills’ “Prism” Palette:
    • Bad Habit Beauty’s “Aura” Palette
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills’ “Modern Renaissance” Palette:
    • Bad Habit Beauty’s “Royals” Palette
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills’ “Master Palette By Mario”:
    • Bad Habit Beauty’s “Artistry” Palette
  • Huda Beauty’s “Mauve Obsessions” Palette:
    • Bad Habit Beauty’s “After Hours” Palette
  • Huda Beauty’s “Warm Brown Obsessions” Palette:
    • Bad Habit Beauty’s “After Dark” Palette
  • Huda Beauty’s “Smokey Obsessions” Palette:
    • Bad Habit Beauty’s “After Party” Palette
  • Huda Beauty’s “Electric Obsessions” Palette:
    • Bad Habit Beauty’s “After Shock” Palette



Bad Habit’s “After” Collection $10 on


Although quality VS. quantity is a rule that I live by, I honestly feel like Bad Habit is a high quality, high pigmentation, and high quantity, brand. Of course, with a $113 difference (Natasha Denona’s “Sunset” and “Lila” Palettes are $129 VS. Bad Habit’s “Solstice” and “Supernova” Palette’s, which are $16), of course, the more expensive brand (especially Natasha Denona) is going to be higher quality. BUT, $16 is a STEAL for more than worthy dupes of eyeshadow colors/palettes. So, if one of your favorite Beauty Brand’s discontinues an eyeshadow palette, the brand is sold out for the time being, or you just want to save a little bit of money, check out Bad Habit Beauty!

Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!





  1. Hi, does anybody know where I can get products of bad hábit?? Did they change their Brand name? I hope someone knows

    Thank you..


    1. Hi Perla!

      Thanks for your comment and your view!

      Unfortunately, Bad Habit used to be sold on an App called, “Hush”, which was closed down. On Bad Habit’s Website, they are apparently revamping their company and HOPEFULLY, they will be selling their products on their own site soon! BUT there are tons of Bad Habit products on apps like Mercari & Poshmark that are BRAND NEW, and have never been swatched/touched. So if you are really interested, you can try purchasing from a 5 Star Rated Seller on Poshmark or Mercari! Just MAKE SURE the product is BRAND NEW and not used to avoid cross contamination. This is the only way to get their products for now….

      Hope this helps!



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