Lime Crime “Venus XL” Eyeshadow Palette: The Only Palette You Will Need For Spring/Summer ’18

Hello, Beauties!

So I know I’ve been writing mostly about eyeshadow palettes lately, but there are just SO MANY beautiful eyeshadow palettes being released right now! And now that Spring and Summer are upon us, colors like blush pinks, bright pinks, soft rose golds, pops of burgundy, and strokes of corals are on every Beauty Buff’s Makeup Ensemble Agenda. With that being said, today’s review is about Lime Crime’s “Venus XL” Eyeshadow Palette; The new GORGEOUS, highly pigmented, matte/sparkle/satin finish palette of eyeshadows, that is guaranteed to get you through Spring/Summer 2018, looking GORG.


Lime Crime has always been a company that scores high points in the pigment game. Their Velvetine Liquid Lipsticks, which were the “Original” Liquid Lippies, are extremely high in color payoff, along with Lime Crime’s “Unicorn Lipsticks”, and their former “Venus One & Two” palettes, which are both ridiculously high in pigmentation…. and this palette is no different.

Lime Crime’s “Venus XL” Eyeshadow Palette’s packaging is brightly colored with Pink and Gold, so OF COURSE, it immediately caught my eye. It comes in “book-like” packaging, and folds out like a folder or a magazine, and a large mirror is included inside the palette, so it’s easy to put in your purse for quick touchup’s OR you can use it for a larger, higher quality, mirror to touch up your face of makeup, on the go.  Unlike the original “Venus 1 & 2”, “Venus XL” comes with 18 LARGE pans of gorgeous colors, that go hand in hand with today’s hottest makeup trends, and are PERFECT for Spring and Summer ‘18. A mix of Mattes, Satins, and Shimmers, this palette can be used for a natural “Blush” based eye, or a bold Burgundy based eye, with lots of shimmer and pops of pink and coral. Each pan is a one inch by one inch square, so the pans are larger than pans in most top selling eyeshadow palettes, today. Larger pans = more product, which = a longer lasting palette! And because the color’s are extremely high in pigment, there’s no reason why this gorgeous palette, shouldn’t last you for AT LEAST two seasons, but should last you well into four or five Spring/Summer Seasons, all in all.


The “Venus XL” is a mix of colors that not only compliment each other well, but blend into one another for that perfect ombre’ look. With two shades for highlighting the brow bone, (Blank Canvas & Scallop), and six shades that work well for blending the more pigmented colors into each other, (Love, Eden, Idolized, Burnt Gold, Ethereal, and Goddess), make for easier application of bolder looks, and give you more wiggle room to apply more precise and “statement-worthy” eyeshadow looks, without the complication of having to be 100% precise, as well as the convenience of NOT needing to constantly start over if you make a mistake, OR having to sacrifice the look you were going for, because the shadow didn’t apply the way you wanted it to. Shades of the following, (Love, Fresca, Idolized, Scallop, Ethereal, Goddess, and Burnt Gold) are great for Day Time Looks, and can easily transform into Night Time Looks. Shades like (Flora, Passion, Inspire, Aphrodite, Triumph, and Boticelli) are perfect for beauties that love BOLD, extreme, and over the top eyeshadow looks. And colors like (Eden, Love, Inspire, Scallop, Ethereal, Triumph, and Goddess) are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, for Spring’s trending “Blushed” look. So don’t hold back when using “Venus XL”, because chances are, you will go from loving to apply a “natural” eye, to wanting to experiment with bolder looks and colors.


*NOTE* Use a color that’s a shade LIGHTER, than the shade you’ve already applied, to help blend out the original color, into another color, creating a perfect blend, and a flawless ombre’. For example, use Lime Crime “Venus XL’s”, “Aphrodite” or “Supreme”, to blend out “Boticelli”, which will create an easy, flawless, and GORGEOUS color transfer, and will save you the time of using a Beauty Blender (and save your Beauty Blender from staining due to highly pigmented colors) which can sometimes ruin or smudge the blend into unwanted areas, which makes a mess; There’s nothing worse than having to completely restart an eyeshadow application, due to “falling” shadow, an overpowering pigment mistake, or lack of precision. And I don’t know about you, but if I have to start over on my eyeshadow, it effects the overall finish and appearance of my makeup, because once I have to start over, it’s hard to blend fresh foundation into ALREADY SET, foundation, because it can create lines, dark spots, a “grey” cast on your foundation, and an uneven finish.


Another bonus added on to the list of features and benefits, is that Lime Crime “Venus XL” Eyeshadow Palette is CRUELTY FREE! So we don’t have to worry about fur babies being harmed or tested on, with these gorgeous hues. It’s also 100% Vegan, so no animals products or bi-products are used in the manufacturing of this palette, which makes Lime Crime and their products as well as the entire beauty brand, even MORE convenient, awesome, and “Fresh Lemons” approved!

Pick up your Lime Crime “Venus XL” Eyeshadow Palette, on, for $56, and be sure to check out Lime Crime’s “Venus III” Eyeshadow Palette, that was just barely released!


Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!



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