Kylie Cosmetics Releases Lip Kits From Her *Limited Edition* Holiday Collection…. This Is Why Kylie is KING.

Hello, Beauties!

If you haven’t been swooning over Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits, then you probably have been living under a rock. I mean, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you are a makeup lover, and you’ve been contemplating on trying one, then you NEED to know just really how amazing these little boxes of heaven, truly are….

Kylie’s 2017 Holiday Edition Collection of Eyeshadow Palettes, Lip Kits, Liquid Lipstick Sets, Single Liquid Lipsticks, Gloss Sets,  Single Lip Glosses, and Highlighters, were one of her best collections to date. From the coveted “Spice” Lip Set, to the adorable single ornament glosses that were eagerly waiting to be found on Christmas Morning, not one of her products in the 2017 Holiday Edition Collection, disappointed. In fact, you can still purchase Kylie’s “Naughty” Palette, which is a collection of reds, golds, mint greens, silvers, etc. on, for $44. BUT if you were just as obsessed with the “Spice” Lip Set, as I was, then here is some pretty amazing news; Kylie is now selling her most loved Holiday Lip Colors, as Kits AND Singles! HOORAY!

spice lip set
Kylie Cosmetics “Spice” Holiday 2017 Lip Set

As soon as I was informed via email, by Kylie Cosmetics, that Holiday 2017 colors were being added permanently, I hurry and bought the Kylie Lip Kit in “Clove”, and the Kylie Gloss in “Cinnamon”. I already own the Holiday 2017 Lip Kit in “Merry”, and the Single Liquid Lipstick in “Dancer”.  I also have the “Naughty” Single Gloss, and “Jolly” Single Gloss. Both the liquid lipsticks, the liner, and the glosses are AWESOME. They don’t dry out and crack, and the glosses are super moisturizing. They also all have the original Kylie cupcake-like scent. After using all of these, I was sad to think that they are all Limited Edition Holiday 2017 colors, because the colors are all SO GORGEOUS. So let’s just say I was extremely happy to know that Lip Kit’s, “Clove”, and “Hollyberry”, along with Lip Gloss “Cinnamon”, were here to stay! Another Limited Edition Lip Kit, that was released for Holiday 2016, and again, for Kylie’s Birthday 2017 Collection, then added to Kylie’s “Sugar” Holiday 2017 Lip Set, is Kylie’s “Angel” Lip Kit, that is now part of her permanent Lip Kit lineup. So this is definitely something to be excited about…. It’s the little things, #AmIRight?!

Since I am just so stoked that this is real life, I want to share these gorgeous colors with all of you! So get ready to lust for some Lip Kits!


Kylie Cosmetics “Clove” Lip Kit


A muted, brown based, red, that’s flattering on any skin tone, complete with a matching Lip Liner, and a highly pigmented, matte finish. This shade is absolutely gorgeous, and can be layered with Kylie’s “Cinnamon” Lip Gloss, or worn alone with the matching “Clove” Lip Liner. This is one of my favorite shades Kylie Cosmetics has to offer.


Kylie Cosmetics “Clove” Lip Kit $29


Kylie Cosmetics “Cinnamon” Lip Gloss 


A Lip Gloss true to it’s name, this “Cinnamon” red, can be worn alone, used with a Lip Liner, or applied over a Liquid Lipstick/Creme Lipstick, to add extra pigment, shine, moisture, or a glossy pop. With a glossy finish, this hue is gorgeous, layered over the “Clove” Lip Kit, or any similar color.


Kylie Cosmetics “Cinnamon” Lip Gloss $15


Kylie Cosmetics “Hollyberry” Lip Kit


A Pink-hued Burgundy, that looks gorgeous on all skin tones, this Deep Berry shade has a gorgeous matte finish, and comes complete with a matching Lip Liner. Whether you’re going for a bold look, with a matching, on trend, “Burgundy” Eye, or wearing it alone with a “Naked” Eye, you’ll be sure to make heads turn with this shade!


Kylie Cosmetics “Hollyberry” Lip Kit $29


Kylie Cosmetics “Angel” Lip Kit


A muted Mauve, that works great with a matching, trending, “Blush” Based Makeup Look, this Pink hue is guaranteed to make you feel absolutely gorgeous in any Selfie, Night Out, Shopping With The Girls, or Date Night. Complete with a matching Lip Liner, your lips will pop, with this matte finished Lip Kit. 


Kylie Cosmetics “Angel” Lip Kit $29


Kylie Cosmetics definitely knocks it out of the park, with these fabulous, all skin tone friendly, shades of GORGEOUS-NESS. And I definitely am happy that these beautiful shades are here to stay! It’s just an added bonus that these Lipsticks and Glosses have skin beneficial ingredients, don’t dry out lips or “crack” after a certain wear time, and they are highly pigmented. With that being said, if you haven’t experienced Kylie’s “Lip Kit” craze, then you definitely should check out what all the “hype” is about. Because Kylie Cosmetics is EVERYTHING. And this is why, Kylie is KING.


Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!


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