*Review* Morphe’s “15D Day Slayer” Eyeshadow Palette: Embrace Your Inner Golden Goddess…

Hello, Beauties!

It’s no secret that golden/bronze/nude/metallic eyes are EVERYTHING this Spring/Summer ’18. And I couldn’t be more happy about it. Brunettes are MADE for golden eyeshadows; especially if you have Hazel/Honey/Brown eyes. But if you’re not a Brunette, and you’re rocking blonde, black, or red hair, sparkling golds, bronze, copper’s, and nudes will look just as gorgeous on you; ESPECIALLY if you pair them with a beautiful bronzer, and a gorgeous highlighter. And if you want an eyeshadow palette that will give you the golden/bronze/copper/nude eye look of your dreams, then you are in luck! Because Morphe’s “15D Day Slayer” Palette, is all you need to create a gorgeous, golden, glowing, eye look, that will conquer all “day-time” looks, and can easily be transferred into a “night-time” look, with ease.

Morphe “15D Day Slayer” Eyeshadow Palette $15 http://www.morphebrushes.com

Morphe has come a long way since they first arrived on the Beauty Scene. Their affordable/high quality makeup brushes, and gorgeous 35 pan eyeshadow palettes, quickly rose to fame, with both bloggers, beauty buff’s, and makeup artists, alike. The makeup brushes are all high quality, and their palettes have great pigment percentages, and I truly feel like their products keep improving with time, which is such an amazing thing for not only a beauty brand, but makeup junkies, beauty buffs, makeup artists, and beauty bloggers, considering the low price point, for high quality products. From their updated palette packaging, their sleek new logo, to their “creamier” and higher pigment percentages, Morphe continues to conquer “The Beauty Game”.

Morphe “15D Day Slayer” Eyeshadow Palette $15 http://www.morphebrushes.com

I own Morphe’s “35W” 35 pan palette, and even though all of the shades are beautiful, I wasn’t as impressed with the pigment percentage in the lighter shades, as much as I am now. Don’t get me wrong; the lighter colors are gorgeous and still high in pigment, but an eyeshadow primer or base, is DEFINITELY needed for the lighter colors, in this certain palette, alone. BUT the “35W” I own, is in Morphe’s older packaging style, and truthfully, compared to the “15D Day Slayer” Palette, and the “9B Bronzed Babe” Palette, which are both in Morphe’s newer, chic, and higher end packaging/palettes, the newer shadows seem to be higher in pigment, and “creamier” in texture; I’m talking about the lighter colors in particular, even though every color in the newer packaging style is the same consistency. Also, makeup brushes pick up the newer colors, A LOT better, than the older style colors. With the exception of  of the darker colors because they’ve always picked up well with a brush, and they’ve always been extremely pigmented; For example, the browns, coppers, bronzes, and golds, in the “35W” palette, are “creamier”, and have more color payoff. But the lighter shades seem dryer in texture, more difficult to pick up with a makeup brush, and less pigmented than the others. Now, the lighter shades in the newer packaging, are the same consistency as the darker colors that are in the older packaging, making each shade extremely pigmented, with a high color payoff, which is a HUGE luxury, considering Morphe’s Eyeshadow Palettes are all EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE, with 35 pan palettes priced at $23. THANK YOU, MORPHE!

One of the more affordable palettes, that is probably one of my absolute favorite eyeshadow palettes, EVER, (out of ALL the beauty brands; High end ones, as well), is Morphe’s “15D Day Slayer” Palette. OH. MY. GOD. The colors in this $15 eyeshadow palette, are some of the most beautiful color collaborations I’ve ever seen. And even though I love to apply different makeup looks everyday, ever since this palette arrived at my doorstep, I can’t stop using it. The colors, the pigment, the consistency, the creamy textures, the color payoff, the shades, and all of the possibilities from this palette, are endless. And it’s only 15 DOLLARS (so do yourself a favor, and order it now… You’re welcome).

Morphe “15D Day Slayer” Eyeshadow Palette $15 http://www.morphebrushes.com Photo: temptalia.com


Packaged in Morphe’s updated, sleek, heavier, and newly mirrored palettes, “15D Day Slayer”, has 15 gorgeous golds, bronze, true coppers, nudes, cantaloupes, sunset oranges, and blush toned coppers, which is a mix of satin, matte, and shimmery/metallic finishes. And the good news is, if you want a trending “foil/metallic” finish, you don’t need to apply a glitter glue/eyeshadow primer, to get a true metallic finish; That’s how high the color payoff is! Each color compliments one another, so you don’t have to worry about conflicting colors, and each color blends into one another like a DREAM. Eyeshadow brushes pick up the pigment extremely well, and you don’t need a lot to get an opaque finish, if that’s what you’re going for. And even though it’s called, “15D Day Slayer” (meaning the colors are perfect for a daytime look), I for one, find it hard NOT to go crazy with this certain palette, because the colors are so flattering for brunettes, redheads, blondes, and coffee/black hair colors, alike; especially those with lightly bronzed skin, paired with a golden highlighter, and a nude lip.

Photo: gerardcosmetics.com

Since the colors are all along the lines of “au naturale”, you won’t look overdone for daytime. Also, since Spring/Summer ’18 beauty trends are all along the lines of a more “natural” look, nudes, golds, bronze, and coppers, work perfectly for, not only sun kissed, tan, glowing skin that everyone achieves in the Summer, but it goes hand in hand with all of the Spring/Summer ’18 fashion trends, styles, and looks, because of the “Earth-y” tones and hues. But this palette is anything but ordinary; If you want a more natural look, you can use the nude-hued mattes, along with a pop of “Spark” (metallic golden shade in “15D” palette) or “Bronzed Beauty” (metallic bronze shade in “15D” palette) on the bottom/mid area of your eyelid, or sweep it across your crease on your lid, to create a natural eye, with just enough “pop” to take the look from ordinary, to extraordinary, but still being appropriate for the office, or as a natural daytime look.

Even though the colors are natural, with golds, bronze, coppers, and nudes, this palette is actually perfect for night time as well. Morphe also sells a “15N Night Master” Eyeshadow Palette, I’m not as impressed with the color selection, as I am with the “15D Day Slayer” Eyeshadow Palette. There are 4 dark shades, that can be added to your golden/bronze based eye look, to transfer from daytime to nighttime, with ease. Whether you line your crease with “Just Eyes” (metallic dark brown in “15D” palette), fill in your entire lid and blend it out, making a gorgeous smokey eye, or using a “Pencil Blending” Eyeshadow Brush to line under your eyes, it’s seriously so easy to make your look a little more bold. I prefer doing a golden eye, with pops of bronze and copper, and lining under my eyes, as well as the inner/outer corners of my lids, with “Sweet” or “Just Eyes” (matte coffee brown from “15D” palette), and then using a black kohl eyeliner (I prefer MAC Cosmetics Eye Kohl in “Smolder” $17.50 http://www.maccosmetics.com or Makeup Forever’s “Aqua XL” Black/Matte/Waterproof Eye Liner $21.00 http://www.sephora.com) to line the inner rims of my lids, then apply EXTREMELY VOLUPTUOUS BLACK LASHES, and layer on my bottom lashes with black mascara. Then, of course, lots of bronzer, a golden highlight, and a nude lip is a MUST. You WILL own the night.




Morphe “15 D Day Slayer” Eyeshadow Palette

$15  www.morphebrushes.com

15 Gorgeous Colors (From Left To Right):

  • Natural
    • A satin finish, true, light “nude”, perfect for highlighting the brow bone.
  • Spark
    • A metallic finish, bronze based, lighter gold that can be worn alone or paired.
  • In The Crease
    • A matte finish, true orange, that’s anything but basic, and great for creases.
  • Forever
    • A matte finish, “camel”, that adds dimension/contours a lighter day time eye.
  • Bronzed Beauty
    • A metallic finish, true bronze, that adds sparkle to a basic nude eye.
  • Upbeat
    • A matte finish “cantaloupe” that makes brown eyes pop.
  • Glow
    • A metallic finish “sunset” orange, that puts the “OW” in “GLOW”.
  • Editor
    • A matte finish, true “tan” that’s great for creases/under eyeshadow liner.
  • Highlight
    • A metallic finish, “sunset”, orange hued gold, that reflects the sun, beautifully.
  • Define
    • A satin finish, “brick”, or red based, medium brown, great for creases.
  • Mauve
    • A matte finish, basic dark brown, that’s NOT in any way, “mauve”.
  • Epic
    • A matte finish, medium brown, great for darkening day looks into night looks.
  • Blend
    • A metallic finish, blushed copper, for pairing a look with blushed nude lips.
  • Just Eyes
    • A metallic finish, gold flecked, dark brown, to create a smokey nude eye.
  • Sweet
    • A matte finish, “darkest” or “coffee” brown, to create a matte smokey eye.


Morphe “15D Day Slayer” Eyeshadow Palette $15 http://www.morphebrushes.com Photo: poshmark.com


So, my Beauties, I hope you all order your new BFF, the 15D Day Slayer Eyeshadow Palette from Morphe! Because seriously, it’s SO AFFORDABLE, and it’s just TOO GOOD, to not have one on hand; As a makeup artist, a makeup junkie, or just using it to create golden gorgeous-ness, eyeshadow masterpieces, this Spring/Summer ’18!


Have A Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!


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