Putting On The Glitz… Smashbox+Vlada “Petal Metal” Collection = Best. Collection. Ever.

Hello, Beauties!

When you think of Smashbox, you probably think of their “Photo Finish” Primer, and maybe their “Full Exposure” Eyeshadow Palette. But that’s probably about it. Since I’m addicted to makeup, I love their “Be Legendary” Lipstick, and their “Full Exposure” Mascara, along with an array of products, but chances are, they probably aren’t one of your “Go To” Beauty Brands. Estee’ Lauder owns Beauty Brands like M.A.C, and Too Faced, along with Smashbox, AND Smashbox is the ONLY Beauty Brand that was created by an iconic photo studio, “Smashbox Studios” in LA, so I KNEW they were bound to finally release some “must have” products, eventually, that the masses would absolutely LOVE. And Smashbox + Vlada is just that; A “must have” for every Beauty that absolutely LOVES, Rose Gold, Highlighting, Shimmer, Glowing/Dewy Skin, and Metallic/Foil Shimmer….. And that goes for pretty much every Beauty Buff/Blogger/MUA, Makeup Junkie, IG Star, etc. etc. etc.



Spring/Summer ’18 is here, and in full swing. And for those of you who know Fashion, you know that with every season, comes fresh and new Fashion Looks; Trends and twists on “classics”, what to accessorize with, heel length, sunglass size, the width of your jean cut, purse size, how short dresses and skirts will be, minimalistic or layer jewelry, earth tones or bright colors, color blocking or solids, which patterns (if any) will be used, girly glam or tom boyish, heel width, waist seams/drops etc. etc. etc. The same goes for Beauty. And right now, Highlighting, whether a subtle glow, a glittery shimmer, or a holographic strobe, is EVERYTHING. The other Beauty Trend of Spring/Summer ’18?? Blushed Pinks, Golds, and Rose Golds. So when Smashbox teamed up with their very own, “Lip” Editor in Chief, Makeup Artist, IG Star, and Photographer, Vlada Haggerty, together they achieved one of my favorite makeup collections, to date, (and I’m talking out of EVERY makeup/beauty collection, EVER), “The Petal Metal Collection”.


“The Petal Metal Collection”, isn’t just “another” collection from a Beauty Brand; This collection is full of shimmer, shine, and EVERYTHING glittery, rose gold, and all you need to look like a true blushed, shimmering, goddess. From Holographic Highlighters, to Metallic Metal Liquid Lipsticks, Shimmering Setting Mists, and even a beautiful Blushed Pink/Rose Gold “Cover Shot” Eyeshadow Palette, Smashbox + Vlada, “The Petal Metal Collection”, just took over the Beauty Industry, as one of the best Strobing/Highlighting/Holographic/Metallic collections, that has ever been released.


Smashbox+Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter

$49  www.sephora.com



“Gilded Rose”


Smashbox+Vlada “Petal Metal Highlighter(s)” are highly pigmented highlighters, that have a shimmery finish, that isn’t “glittery”, and leaves you with an intense, gorgeous glow. The shimmer is very fine, and it won’t make you look “frosty”, at all. But it will give you the highlight of your dreams, and since it’s highly pigmented, you get great color payoff, so you won’t need much product (which is good because the “Petal Metal Highlighters” are $49…. pricey). But like I mentioned, before, the color payoff is INSANELY GREAT, so it’s worth breaking the bank, because unlike other color rich, and highly pigmented (highlighters in particular), the soft, creamy, but dense “gel based” formula, doesn’t crack or separate from itself, or overly stick to your makeup brush. It’s extremely easy to pick up with a brush, when you are applying it, which results in no wasted product. That is the cherry on top of the soft, creamy, “gel based” formula.


“Petal Metal Highlighter”, comes in two different shades; “Rosemantic”, which is a true, multidimensional, blushed rose gold, with gold shimmer, and is a beautiful highlighter for medium to dark skin tones, and is a beautiful blush, or blush topper, for lighter skin tones.  Then there’s “Gilded Rose”, which is a golden based, multidimensional rose gold, with gold shimmer, which is a great highlighter for light to medium skin tones. It can be layered on for intensity, or softly applied for a subtle glow.


They are both packaged in GORGEOUS rose gold compacts, complete with a rather large mirror (so it’s PERFECT for touching up your highlighter, blush, or ANY beauty product on the go), and has a beautiful three dimensional rose, carved into the compact, which covers the entire top part of the palette. It’s also heavier (but not too heavy) which helps protect the product inside, which is creamy, soft, and pigment riche’, and easy to apply with any brush, whether it’s a fan brush, which Vlada says to use for a “subtle glow”, or a “denser brush for intense color payoff”, which I definitely agree with.


Smashbox+Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter (Holographic/Supercharged)

$49  www.sephora.com


“Prismatic Petal”



If you like a more “holographic” look, then “Prismatic Petal” is for you. It works great as a highlighter for dark to ebony skin tones, or it’s great as a holographic blush for light to medium skin tones. Or if you’re daring, you can “supercharge” your highlight for a night out with a “duo-chrome” finish, which is gorgeous for high fashion editorial and runway looks. It has the same “gel based” formula as “Rosemantic” and “Gilded Rose”, and can be applied the exact same way. It’s highly pigmented, and packaged in a large compact, but instead of the three dimensional rose engraved on the top, it has a picture of chrome lips with a “dripping in rose gold” rose on the packaging. You can also double this as an eyeshadow, or even a soft powder liner for a chrome-like effect.



Smashbox+Vlada “Photo Finish Petal Metal Primer”

$50 http://www.smashbox.ca


Universal (all skin tones)


Smashbox+Vlada’s “Photo Finish Petal Metal Primer” is a “Universal” primer that works on all skin shades, (that is currently only available via http://www.smashbox.ca), BUT it’s not for all skin types, or every foundation type. It is silicone free, which means it’s a water based primer. With that being said, Smashbox+Vlada state on Smashbox’s website, that it can be worn as a primer under a “sheer coverage foundation. So those of you that wear full coverage foundations (like myself), are out of luck when it comes to using this formula as a primer. BUT this primer can double as a liquid highlighter, but there’s a catch; if your foundation is silicone based, then you can’t use this as a liquid highlighter either. Because, *IMPORTANT TIP*, silicone based foundations and primers, won’t adhere to water based liquid products, such as water based liquid highlighters, liquid blushes, etc. Silicone has oil in it. Water and oil don’t mix. Have you ever seen body lotions, body mists, body washes, or body bronzers, with oil AND water in them, which creates the ability to “layer” multiple colors, creating a “rainbow” or a stacked color effect? That’s how creators and manufacturers achieve that effect; by using oil and water to separate the colors. So with that being said, (and I promise I will go into more detail in an upcoming post) since this primer is water based, and if your foundation is silicone based, the primer (being used as a liquid highlighter) will end up just sliding off of your foundation, and not being able to “mesh” or adhere to your skin.


So, moral of the story, if you wear sheer foundation, you can use this as a primer, to blur imperfections, create a flawless foundation finish, and achieve a dewy, fresh, glowing, “magic hour” foundation look. And if you wear a medium-full, to full coverage, water based foundation, then you can use this as a liquid highlighter. But PLEASE, make sure you research the ingredients in your foundation, before you buy ANY primer, or liquid highlighter, liquid blush, etc. OTHERWISE, if you meet the following requirements that I just listed, then this primer creates a beautiful, glowing, and perfecting, and smooth canvas, for foundation application. If you meet the liquid highlighting requirements, then this works as a beautiful, finely-shimmered, glowing liquid highlighter. It doesn’t make you look “frosty”, and it creates a perfect glow, versus an over the top glittery highlight. Just remember, this product isn’t for everyone.


Smashbox+Vlada “Petal Metal Shimmering Drops”

$40 http://www.sephora.com


“Gold Glitz”

“Rose Glitz”


Smashbox+Vlada “Petal Metal Shimmering Drops” is a liquid highlighter, lip topper, and eyeshadow mixer, with a “non gritty” finish, so when you apply these high shimmer-based, liquid highlighters on your skin, it won’t disrupt the finish of your makeup, and they aren’t rough on your skin. They come in two beautiful shades, “Gold Glitz”, and “Rose Glitz”, which I an honestly say, look good on any skin shade/tone. They add dimension and “catch the light”, which is exactly what Vlada Haggerty created them for. BUT these products are water based, so if you wear a silicone based foundation, primer, eyelid primer, or lipstick, which chances are one of those products contain silicone, then these gorgeous shimmer drops won’t mix well with your silicone based products. So the same rules apply as Smashbox+Vlada’s “Petal Metal Photo Finish  Primer”, for these “Petal Metal Shimmering Drops”. So keep that in mind.


BUT that doesn’t mean this isn’t a great product. If you are using water based products, then this works great as a foundation MIXER. It adds glow and dimension to your foundation application, if you actually mix a few drops into your WATER BASED, liquid foundation. So for those of you who wearing high coverage foundation, who are out of luck when it comes to the “Photo Finish Petal Metal Primer”, can use these gorgeous, high shimmering, non gritty drops. Just use the dropper type applicator, to add the desired amount of shimmer, and mix it into your foundation. You can also use this to top your cream lipstick, and it mixes well with many cream lipstick formulas. It adds a pop of multi-dimensional, light catching shimmer, to your lipstick, and since they are non gritty AND fragrance free, you don’t have to worry about this formula irritating your lips. You can also use it to do the same thing to your eyelids, when it comes to adding shimmer and multi-dimensional glow to your lids. Vlada Haggerty reminds everyone on, http://www.smashbox.ca, to use the dropper type applicator to apply these shimmer drops on your fingers, before using this as a highlighter, eyeshadow topper, or lip topper. The only time I personally recommend NOT applying it on your fingers, is when you are mixing the drops directly into your foundation.

All in all, this is a beautiful product, and it’s silicone free, cruelty free (as well as the entire Smashbox+Vlada “Petal Metal” Collection), water thin, non gritty, and vegan, which is a huge benefit for vegans, who have a hard time finding high end products that fit their lifestyle needs. Just remember “silicone VS water” rule, that I talked about in the “Photo Finish Petal Metal Primer” part of this post.


Smashbox+Vlada “Cover Shot Petal Metal” Eyeshadow Palette

$35 http://www.sephora.com


8 Rose Gold Based Eyeshadows


Smashbox+Vlada “Cover Shot Petal Metal” Eyeshadow Palette, is currently sold out on Smashbox’s website (www.smashbox.ca) but you can get it right now, on http://www.sephora.com. “Cover Shot Petal Metal” is an array of beautiful Rose Golds, and colors that compliment Rose Golds, that are flattering on all skin types, shades, and tones. There are 8 different shades, which 2 out of the 8 shades, are twice the size of the other 6, due to being “base” shades/brow highlighters. 6 out of the 8 shades are all shimmer/satin based, with finely ground shimmer to make these shades multi-dimensional. Only 2 of the colors are matte, which is fine, because if you’re into the “Petal Metal” Collection, it’s probably because you love shimmer/metallic looks. It’s packaged in a mini sized palette, so it’s easy to put in your purse for touch up’s throughout the day, and it goes hand in hand with the colors and finishes of all of the other products from Smashbox+Vlada “Petal Metal” Collection.


This palette is definitely beautiful, but if you already have Urban Decay’s “Naked 3” Eyeshadow Palette, then you’re already set and good to go. These colors are extremely similar to the colors in “Naked 3”. BUT I do prefer Smashbox+Vlada’s high color payoff that these eyeshadows produce, over the “Naked 3” Eyeshadow Palette. So if you’re in the market for a blush/rose gold/shimmer based eyeshadow palette, then “Cover Shot Petal Metal” Eyeshadow Palette is definitely for you.



“Be Legendary Petal Metal” Liquid Lip (Metallic Finish)

“Always On Petal Metal” Matte Liquid Lipstick (Long Wearing Matte)

$24 http://www.smashbox.com


“Petal Metal” (Metallic)

“Rose Magic” (Metallic)

“Xo, Vlada” (Metallic & Matte Formula)

“Desert Rose” (Matte)

“In Bloom” (Matte)


These metallic liquid lipsticks, as well as the matte liquid lipsticks, come in three different shades of rose gold, in each finish, that are said to be flattering on all skin tones, which I completely agree with. These three beautiful shades per finish, are perfect to add extra dimension to your lips, which go hand in hand with all of Smashbox+Vlada’s products in the “Petal Metal” Collection. Whether you’re wanting to flaunt a shimmery, rose gold, statement lip, for a night out dancing, going on a first date, making it through the work day, or having lunch with the girls, all three shades per finish, have you covered.

smashbox x Vlada Petal Metal Collection 19

Smashbox promises that “Be Legendary Petal Metal” Liquid Lip’s TRUE metallic finish liquid lipsticks are long wearing, as well as non-gritty, which is the truth, so the finely ground shimmer won’t rub together and create cake-ness, it won’t flake off, and it’s not hard on your lips like other shimmer based lipsticks can be. It truly is metallic, giving you a “metal” like finish, versus a shimmery finish. Metallic/Shimmer based lip products can definitely be a HIT or MISS, due to the size of the glitter/shimmer specs in the formula. Some formulas tend to cake due to the shimmer size and amount, and other’s flake off when you rub your lips together, with the shimmer acting as an exfoliator, which will just remove the color and lipstick altogether. But “Be Legendary Petal Metal” Liquid Lip, isn’t one of those formulas, which makes for a beautiful, non crackled, non caked, even, metallic lipstick application, which is perfect for Spring/Summer ’18.


As for the “Always On Petal Metal” Liquid Lipstick, which has a matte finish, for all of my Beauties that love a matte finish on your lips, you will not be disappointed. The finish is truly matte, with a non sticky formula, but still has a metallic glow, with finely ground shimmer, which doesn’t look “glittery” or “frosty”. It’s long wearing, and great for all day wear at work; especially since it’s not as intensely metallic, like the “Be Legendary Petal Metal” Liquid Lip. It also won’t dry out your lips like a lot of other matte finish liquid lipsticks can, as well as adds moisture, which is the one thing that’s so frustrating about a lot of matte liquid lipsticks. So this formula is pretty perfect!


Smashbox+Vlada “Petal Metal Shimmer Spray”

$39 http://www.smashbox.com



There have been quite a few beauty brands that have been releasing Setting Mists/Sprays that have shimmer in them, and when I first saw this product, at first glance, I thought it was another gimmicky product that was basically a carbon copy of MAC’s “Fix+ Goldlite/Pinklite” (I mean MAC and Smashbox are both owned by Estee’ Lauder so…. can you blame me?). BUT it isn’t a makeup setting spray, AT ALL. It’s a “Shimmer Spray”, that can be used on your body to add extra glow, or it can be used as a highlighting prepping spray, to prime makeup and/or skin, for strobing/highlighting application that will add extra shimmer, and help highlighting and strobing powders last longer on your skin, which is an absolutely brilliant idea, considering a lot of highlighting and strobing powders (ESPECIALLY SHIMMERY ONES) lose their sparkle, a few hours in to makeup wear time, due to glitter and finely ground shimmer, drying and, literally, falling out of your powder finish. So this absolutely brilliant idea for a product, came to life when Smashbox teamed up with Vlada Haggerty (Smashbox’s “Lip” Editor In Chief), and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


Smashbox+Vlada (via http://www.smashbox.com) tout this “Cruelty Free” Shimmer Spray, as a, “lightweight illuminating body and face mist sprays on a lasting dewy, rose-gold glow.” And application tips from http://www.smashbox.com, instructs users to spray this onto a makeup brush, and then apply it onto your highlighting points, to create a long lasting, strobe/highlight, with extra rose gold shimmer, which will catch all of your natural lighting points, or “high points” on your face. You can also use this as a shimmer spray for your body, which is perfect and right on trend for Spring/Summer ’18’s blushing rose gold and bronze-y based makeup looks. Smashbox+Vlada also advise you to apply this gorgeous Shimmer Spray to your face, neck, shoulders and arms, before getting dressed, because we all know that shimmery, glittery, or bronze-y products can definitely transfer on to clothes; especially if you get dressed before makeup application, so just be safe and listen to Vlada, please. You will need to blend the fine mist out with a large powder brush for a more subtle shimmer, and to make sure the rose gold hues and finely ground shimmer, look even on skin; especially if you are using this on your skin versus your face- you don’t want an uneven application.


The only thing negative I’ve heard, but haven’t experienced personally from this gorgeous “Petal Metal Shimmer Spray”, is a review I read on http://www.smashbox.com, coming from a user who said that spray “shoots out” of the bottle, instead of creating a fine mist; But that’s an EASY FIX! Like a lot of shimmer makeup setting sprays, shimmer mists, or glittery body mists, shimmer is textured, which can cause build up in the nozzle- My tip, is to wipe down the actually face of the nozzle, which will remove shimmer build up, which can cause the product to spray uneven, or “shoot out”, like this user pointed out. AND once again, this is NOT a makeup setting spray- it’s a “Shimmer Spray” which is NOT used to set makeup in the slightest (always read the label, Beauties! You will be surprised at how many little things you’ve never noticed!).

“Vlada’s tip: Use before highlighting cheeks, collarbones or along the shins to max out your glow!” – Vlada Haggerty http://www.smashbox.com


Smashbox+Vlada “Petal Metal Liquid Eye Liner”

$24 http://www.smashbox.com


“24K Rose”

“Black Rose”


smashbox x Vlada Petal Metal Collection 11

Last but not least, we have Smashbox+Vlada “Petal Metal Liquid Eye Liner”, in “24K Gold” and “Black Rose”. Each liquid liner has hues of rose gold, and added shimmer, which will give you the perfect winged liner, a perfectly pointed corner to your eyeshadow, or add a gorgeous pop of solid, pigmented, color to your eyeshadow crease. You can also double this up to create a unique, thick, winged liner.

“24K Rose” is a rose gold, with fine golden shimmer, which is great for bottom lash line liner, which will give you longer lasting color versus a lined application of eyeshadow.

“Black Rose” is a “black with rose gold pearl”, that works great as a winged liner, but gives your regular liquid liner an extra pop, which looks beautiful with blush or rose gold based eyeshadow looks.


Each liner comes in a tube with a fine pointed brush applicator, which makes it easy for the perfect application of liner; with it’s winged, or under your bottom lash line. Both formulas are long lasting, and go hand in hand with the entire “Petal Metal” Collection.




Smashbox+Vlada “Petal Metal” Collection gets a 5 Star Rating. Period. From the packaging, to the pigment and high color payoff in each product, the products themselves, the unique benefits, and their entire collection of marketing photography, Smashbox hit a home run with this collection. And they’re taking all of my money because of it…. Not that I’m complaining.


Have A Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!



(All images used for this post were retrieved from http://www.smashbox.com and are subject to copyright).


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