KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection: The Classic Eyeshadow Palette & Peach Creme Lipsticks & Liners

Hello, Beauties!

KKW (Kim Kardashian West) Beauty, dropped her brand new Classic Collection, on July 27th, and of course, me being the makeup junkie that I am, purchased it as soon as it went on sale. And even though I featured KKW Beauty’s Classic Palette, it in my SUMMER *MUST HAVES* POST, I decided to go into more detail about the eyeshadow palette, and of course, review KKW Beauty’s new Peach Creme’ Lipstick & Lip Liner, which is a part of KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection. Because honestly, this is one of KKW Beauty’s BEST makeup launches to date.


When I think of Kim Kardashian West, aside from a thick booty and shameless reality television stunts (I still love you, KKW), nude lipsticks, contouring, and nude makeup looks come to mind; so who better than KKW, herself, to release a self named makeup company, KKW Beauty, full of nude lipsticks, contouring kits, nude glosses, nude liners, and of course, nude (neutral) eyeshadow palettes. And of course, the website, packaging, shipping materials, and color scheme, along with all of the beauty products she has released, all go along the lines of NUDE. And YES, KKW Beauty (www.kkwbeauty.com) also sells KKW by Kylie Cosmetics Creme Lipsticks, in the original set of four, (Kimmie, Kimberly, Kim, & KiKi), on the site, as well, which is one of my favorite collections that Kylie Cosmetics has ever released, along with millions of other makeup lovers around the globe. Which I’m sure is why KKW Beauty was started in the first place; KKW, I’m sure, realized that the instant success of her collection that Kylie Cosmetics released, could be re-lived over and over, by launching her own line of makeup.


Smart business move, girl. But I wonder what Kylie thinks about it?? I’m sure it’s no dirt off her shoulder, considering that Kylie Cosmetics, has raised Kylie Jenner to the top of the Kardashian/Jenner family’s Net Worth, which is now $900 MILLION…. YES; she’s almost a billionaire. And her makeup company is completely self owned/created, so Kylie see’s all of the cashflow that goes in an out of her business. KKW; herself AND KKW Beauty, is only worth $350 Million; but I’m sure that’s not really a struggle for Kim KW…. as far as we know. But maybe, KKW Beauty could catch up to the success of Kylie Cosmetics– as long as KKW Beauty keeps releasing products and collections, like KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection, that is. Because KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection, is truly immaculate! From formulation to pigmentation, and all skin tone friendly hues of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and liners, KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection, just might be the key, that unlocks the door to upping KKW Beauty’s success, along with inspiring KKW Beauty, to keep releasing collections that are as solid as KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection! 

So… here’s the 101 on KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection;




The Classic Collection

By KKW Beauty






The Classic Eyeshadow Palette




Colors (Top Row, From Left To Right):

  • Saint- Metallic Champagne
  • Florence- Matte Yellow Brown
  • Selfish- Matte Terracotta
  • Calabasas- Matte Light Brown
  • Chicago- Metallic Bronze

Colors (Bottom Row, From Left To Right):

  • Fade- Matte Creamy Beige
  • Dash- Matte Warm Taupe
  • North- Metallic Copper
  • Family- Matte Red Brown
  • Gemini- Matte Deep Brown


The Classic Collection by KKW Beauty, consists of The Classic Eyeshadow Palette, which is a mix of 10 warm/neutral eyeshadows, for everyday wear, which can be used for a simple daytime look, and can be switched over to a more dramatic, nighttime look, with ease. The 10 warm/neutral eyeshadows consist of 3 shimmer based eyeshadows (a light gold, true gold, and copper), and 7 matte finished eyeshadows. 3 of the matte eyeshadows work for highlighting your brow bone, for light, medium, and dark skin tones. It also consists of a neutral, matte, dark brown eyeshadow, to create a neutral/warm smokey eye, or to add a pop of brown to your crease. The color and finish assortment is perfect for creating simple, gorgeous, and clean neutral eyeshadow looks, which can be layered on for more depth, and color. The matte shades are perfect for blending the shimmer shades out in to each other, creating an easy, blend-able, and Classic KKW, eyeshadow application. If you want a simple look with zero shimmer, the matte shades can be used on their own. Or you can create a stunning, neutral, shimmer based look, with the 3 shimmer shadows provided.




This color palette is truly a nude/neutral color lover’s dream, with each shade containing perfectly pigmented hues, that look gorgeous on warm, cool, or neutral skin tones, so there’s no need to worry whether the colors look flattering on you or not, because these truly are made, with every skin tone/shade or color in mind. If you have deep dark, or ebony skin tones, the lighter and shimmer based shades will POP, and you can create a truly stunning, and head turning eyeshadow look. Or you can use the neutral, darker shades, for a more natural look, for day time. And if you have a lighter to medium skin tone, the darker neutrals can be used for a perfectly hued smokey eye, and add a pop of shimmer for a more creative and high fashion/glam eyeshadow look. The assortment of colors are truly stunning. And the best part? The Classic Eyeshadow Palette, and the Peach Creme Lipsticks and Lip Liners, compliment each other, extremely well. You can create a natural or more intense, glamorous look, with each and every lip color, and eyeshadow shade option.

Mix it up, and have some fun.

The eyeshadows are highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way, which is one of the things I really do appreciate, about this beautiful eyeshadow palette. The formula is extremely creamy, though it’s a powder, so it picks up with an eyeshadow brush, very well. There is minimal fallout, and you can spritz a good makeup setting spray on your eyeshadow brush, and wear these formula’s as cream/wet eyeshadows, for those of you who want a more vivid, or brighter eyeshadow application, or look. They last well thoughout the workday or through a night out, and there’s no need for a lot of touching up, though the brow bone highlighting color (Fade– ironic isn’t it?) does seem to truly “fade” and touch ups are needed; so make sure you use a good setting spray, or apply an eyeshadow primer, (I just apply liquid foundation on my lids) before application.





Pat McGrath (The Queen Mother of Makeup Artistry), gives some professional makeup artistry tips to Glamour Magazine, and applying liquid or cream foundation, to your eyes AND lips, is one of her go-to tricks; this preps your face for eyeshadow AND lipstick application, without having to apply a lipstick or eyeshadow primer, which can actually (and this is MY personal observation) disturb your foundation application after it’s set, due to adding yet, another layer of product on your face, which in turn, costs more money, AND takes more time, to create an effective, long lasting, eyeshadow and lipstick application. And adding another liquid or cream product on top of already set foundation, can cause lines, cakey-ness, and it can also “crack” your eyeshadow due to over-drying, once the primer loses it’s moisturizing properties throughout the day….  So why not prep and prime all in one initial application? USE YOUR LIQUID FOUNDATION AS YOUR PRIMER.

Quick, Easy, & Effective. 

You’re welcome.





Peach Creme Lipsticks + Lip Liners

Lipstick- $18 

Lip Liner- $12






The new, Peach Creme Lipsticks, & Lip Liners, are a step away from KKW’s go-to nude hues, which is a refreshing and innovative addition, to KKW Beauty. The peachy hues aren’t super crazy, and they are similar, to KKW Beauty’s nudes, but they definitely have that extra pop of color, that millions of Beauties love, and continue to purchase, from sister Kylie’s, Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick/Creme Lipstick lines. And I definitely feel like the major success, Kylie Cosmetics has had, and continues to have, probably inspired KKW Beauty’s Peach Creme Lipsticks & Lip Liners.

Just sayin’.



Colors (From Left To Right Including Lipliners):

  • Peach 1- Light Peach
  • Peach 2- Pinky Peach
  • Peach 3- Mid-Tone Coral
  • Peach 4- Burnt Red


Anyways…. KKW Beauty’s Peach Creme Lipsticks & Lip Liners, come in four different shades; Peach 1- which is a light peach, Peach 2- which is a pinky peach, Peach 3- which is a mid-tone coral, and Peach 4- which is a burnt red. All four matching Peach Creme Lip Liners, come in the exact same shades, which is great for adding extra color and depth to your lips, along with more wear-time, before lipstick application. The formula is true to it’s name; definitely creamy, and has “lip quenching oils and extracts” to moisturize and keep your lips from drying out. This is one of the things I truly do appreciate from KKW Beauty; all of her Creme Lipstick formulas (including her KKW by Kylie Cosmetics Creme Liquid Lipstick collab) are truly creamy, and they NEVER dry out your lips. KKW probably struggles with dry lips (as do I), and liquid matte lipsticks can really dry out my lips, so it’s nice to have an array of nude lipstick options, that aren’t liquid matte formulas.


All four shades are extremely flattering on all skin tones, and each shade can be worn, and still look flattering, no matter what skin tone/shade, you happen to be- Peach 4, looks beautiful on light skin tones, and Peach 1, looks gorgeous on very dark, to ebony skin tones, etc. etc. etc. Peach is one of those colors that is universally flattering, and even with the slim array of shades (only four)  that KKW Beauty has provided, each hue is pigmented just right, which is why KKW Beauty only released four shades.


Each shade provides highly pigmented, opaque, and long-lasting color payoff. With just one swipe, you get the color that you see; and even though cream formulas don’t last as long as liquid formulas, this formula isn’t “overly creamy”, and it doesn’t glide on like a lot of other cream formulas lipsticks do, which means it won’t fade off, or come off easily.  And although this formula feels very matte while applying it, it has a little sheen in the finish, so it’s not completely matte. And I don’t dare say it’s a satin finish, because satin lipsticks aren’t as pigmented and opaque, as the KKW Beauty’s Peach Creme Lipsticks & Lip Liners. This is due to the extracts and oils, in the formula, which are extremely moisturizing, but because of the high pigment in each shade, the formula feels more matte. Could this be the perfect cream lipstick formula?? Matte but not chalky or over-drying… Moisturizing but doesn’t slide off… And has great wear-time?? I’d say YES. This is one of my new favorite formulas out there. And I’m a Lipstick JUNKIE. So that’s saying A LOT. Now, if KKW Beauty could release this exact same formula, in a wide array of shades, like M.A.C Cosmetics provides… that would be true perfection! And a billion dollar idea for Kim Kardashian West, and KKW Beauty.


The KKW Beauty’s Peach Creme Lip Liners, are similar in formula, and are creamy, yet long lasting. Of course the Peach Creme Lip Liners, have a matte finish, due to their highly pigmented formula, (like most lip liners), but they aren’t chalky and they don’t tug during application- very similar to Kylie Cosmetics Lip Liners. Instead of tugging or caking like M.A.C Cosmetics Lip Pencils, these liners glide on, but still give full coverage, opaque, color payoff. And they don’t smear, or wear off, even though they are creamy. The KKW Beauty Peach Creme Lip Liners, are pretty much perfection, packaged in pencil packaging, which can be sharpened with a good eyeliner/lip liner sharpener. And best of all? A little goes a long way…





I am so impressed, and so thrilled with KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection. From the highly pigmented eyeshadow formulas, to the practically perfect lipstick formulations, I can’t complain about any of these newly released, and all skin tone friendly, shade options and products. It’s definitely refreshing to add pops of peach to KKW Beauty’s, usual nude collections of lipsticks and liners. And The Classic Eyeshadow Palette?? Every makeup loving beauty NEEDS these beautiful neutral shades in their collection!

I give KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection, and Peach Creme Lipsticks & Lip Liners, 5 out of 5 stars, for function, formulation, all skin-tone flattering hues, long wear time, and having a gorgeous color assortment, for both lipstick/liner, and eyeshadows!

Great job, KKW Beauty!




Have A Fresh & Fab Day, Beauties







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